There was a Problem Enabling iCloud Backup? How to Fix

Backing up to iCloud is failed due to the error that there was a problem enabling iCloud backup? Read this post, which sums up several methods to help you to fix the issue.

Author Avatar Roger Smith Last Updated: Feb. 08, 2022

Stuck in the circle that gets the there was a problem enabling iCloud backup message repeatedly when you want to backup your device via iCloud or want to restore your device with the iCloud backup? Don’t know what to do with this problem? Well, take it easy. This article here will introduce several methods to help you fix this problem.

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How to Fix There was a Problem Enabling iCloud Backup

Solution 1: Check the State of Your Device. The iCloud backup can go smoothly on the condition that you must plug in your device and Wi-Fi on. And you also can try unplugging your device from iTunes and plugged my phone into the wall charger, and then turning off the iCloud backup and turning it back on. It seems work for some users.

Solution 2. Restart Your Device. There is no doubt that reboot your iPhone is the easiest and basic way. But it’s also necessary, sometimes the simple turning off and on operation can fix this error. So just try restarting your device to check if it works.

Solution 3: Login/Logout of iCloud Account. If the simply rebooting device is not work, maybe logging out of iCloud and logging back in could do the trick. To do this, go to Settings > Click iCloud > Scroll down to the bottom > Tap on the Sign Out.

Solution 4: Reset Network Settings. iCloud backup has a close relationship with the Wi-Fi environment. Thus you can rule out this factor by: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Tap on Reset Network Settings.

Solution 5: Delete Unneeded iCloud Backup. The piled iCloud backup in your device may also caused this problem, sometimes, easily delete the old iCloud backups in your device can have the magical effect: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and click on your device’s name under the Backups section.

Solution 6: Upgrade your Device. If there is a newest iOS version available, then don’t hesitate to upgrade your device.

Solution 7: Waiting for Some Time. When iCloud first went out to the devs the same thing happened for the first couple of days then it was flawless. So maybe you can wait for some time patiently, and it would be fixed by itself.

The Bottom Line

The all tips on how to fix there was a problem enabling iCloud backup have been list above, hope there is one can do the job for you. And at last, do not forget to download PhoneRescue to give it a try to recover your lost or deleted iOS data.

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