What You Need to Know about YouTube Server Error & How to Fix

If you are facing the YouTube server error while accessing the YouTube platform on any of your devices, this guide tells you what that error means and how you can go about getting rid of it on your devices so you can continue to watch videos. Read on to find out.

By Joy Taylor | Posted on: Nov. 02, 2018, Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2019

If you are an avid YouTube watcher like most people, you have likely come across many kinds of errors on the site over the time. One of the common issues that most YouTube users face is the YouTube server error. When the error is in action, you are unable to access any of the functionalities offered by the platform as all you get to see on your screen is the error message and that’s all.

There are many reasons as to why YouTube throws that error on the screen and there are also many fixes available for the error. In the rest of the guide below, you are going to learn about exactly that error. The guide will tell you what the error means and what are the ways you can use to fix the error on your device and have an uninterrupted YouTube viewing experience. Let’s find that out.

What is YouTube Internal Server Error

YouTube Internal Server Error

YouTube Internal Server Error

The YouTube platform is forced to throw the internal server error when there is an issue with the servers where the entire YouTube platform is hosted. As with any other gadget, servers also go down sometimes and that is when you see the aforementioned error on your screen.

If you have been worried the issue has to do with your device, then don’t worry as it is from the YouTube side and not from your device side. However, there are still a few things you can do mentioned in the below section to ensure things work fine on your device.

How to Fix YouTube Server Error

Now that you know what the error is, you may be interested in finding out how you can get rid of it as soon as possible. Everybody will love to have the error removed so they can continue to watch their favorite videos on the world’s largest video platform. Here’s what you can do on your devices to fix the issue:

Method 1. Refresh the YouTube Website in Your Browser

If you saw the error, say about an hour ago and you have not refreshed the YouTube website yet, you are still seeing the older version of the site in your browser that had the error. It’s likely the error has now been removed and all you need to do is refresh the site in your browser.

On your keyboard, simply press the F5 key and the site will refresh. If you are on a mobile device, you can tap on the refresh icon to refresh the site and see the fixed version of YouTube on your screen.

How to Fix YouTube Server Error - Refresh the YouTube Website

How to Fix YouTube Server Error – Refresh the YouTube Website

Method 2. Try YouTube in Another Browser

It could be the case that your browser has an issue with the site and so it doesn’t play any of the videos properly. In that case, what you can do is you can try accessing the YouTube site in another web browser on your device and see if that works for you.

Let’s say if you have been using Firefox to access YouTube all this time, give the Chrome browser a try and see if it helps you reach YouTube without any issues. If it does, the issue was with your browser and from now onwards make sure to use a compatible browser to watch YouTube.

Method 3. Reset Your Connection to the Internet

YouTube utilizes the Internet connection on your device to provide you with various functions and if your Internet is not working well, you need to reset it so that it works and helps you get access to the YouTube servers.

The procedure to reset the Internet connections varies by the provider so what you can generally do is reboot the modem that you are using the Internet from and it should do the job for you. Once the modem is rebooted, try accessing the YouTube site on your device and see if it works now.


YouTube server error is a serious issue as it does not let you access even a single feature on the platform let alone playing videos and all other stuff. We hope the guide above teaches you how you can get rid of the error and watch YouTube without a hitch on your devices.

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