How to Get Apps from iPod touch to iPhone without iTunes


Get a new iPhone and want to play the iPod touch games on it? This article will show you how to get apps from iPod touch to iPhone without iTunes.

Kelly Woods

Oct 30, 2012


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AppTrans - The Only App Transfer for Moving Apps among iPhone & iPad

AppTrans - The First iPhone iPad App Transfer

Download this award-winning application so that you can make use of it after reading this Get Apps from my iPod touch to iPhone guide.

Question: I'm getting an iPhone 5. I want to keep all my apps from my iPod touch and transfer them to my new iPhone. I don't want to use iTunes in fear of erasing all my apps on iPod touch. I do read some articles in regard of how to transfer iPhone purchases to iTunes, but I don't think it helps in this case. So would you please show me a method to get apps from my iPod touch to iPhone without iTunes?

Best Answer: Both iTunes and iCloud allow an option to backup iPhone Apps, however, if you want to use them on particular Apps, you will find the game saves will lost with iTunes or iCloud. The reason is that only select-few developers even care to associate their games with iCloud.

So, it is recommended to use a flexible and efficient iPhone App Transfer software - AppTrans. Well-Prepared with Three Transfer Modes, AppTrans outruns iTunes & iCloud by providing you with plenty of options to keep all App data, game records and even personal settings.

How to Get App from iPod touch to iPhone with AppTrans

Free download AppTrans first. After few seconds installation, you can see its main interface as below:

Transfer Apps from my iPod touch to iPhone

How to Get Apps from my iPod touch to iPhone

Step 1: connect your iPhone and iPod touch with computer.

Step 2: Pick up particular apps that you want to move from iPod touch to iPhone.

Step 3: Click relevant transfer button to get your games and utility apps moved.

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