How to Know If Your iPhone is Locked


This guide tells you how to know if your iPhone is locked or not. Follow the rest part to get the answer in minutes.

June 24, 2015


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When we upgrade to a span-new iPhone, it is very necessary to check if the iPhone is locked or not. An unlocked iPhone can be used on any phone network, while a locked iPhone can only be used on the specific carrier and network.

If you buy the iPhone with full-price from the Apple Store are unlocked by default, but an iPhone bought from a network, might be locked. Here's how to know if your iPhone is locked to your carrier or not. Now read the rest part to get the solutions.

How to Tell a Locked or Unlocked iPhone

How to Tell a Locked or Unlocked iPhone

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Method 1. Change a SIM Card with Different Network

The quickest way is to try a spare SIM card from a different network to your current provider on your phone. Here is how to make it.

  • Make a phone call using the current SIM card. Make sure it connects.
  • Eject the SIM card from the iPhone, and insert a new SIM card.
  • Reboot your iPhone after changing the SIM cards to see if it works on your phone. If your phone is locked, you'll get a pop-up error asking you to insert a valid SIM card.

Method 2. How to Check If Your iPhone is Unlocked in Settings

  • Tap your "Settings" tab on the home screen. If you can locate the "Carrier" and "Cellular" tabs, this means that your Carrier that has provided your SIM card allowed you to change your APN.
  • Tap "Cellular". If the option "Cellular Data Network" appears, your iPhone is unlocked.

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The Bottom Line

This is how to tell if your iPhone is unlocked. If you have any questions on this guide, please leave a comment on the below section. Meanwhile, don't forget to share this post with your friends if it is helpful. If you have any question on this post, please leave a comment in the below section.

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