How to Lock Notes on Mac OS X


If you do not want other people to access your notes on Mac, you can read this post to see how to lock the notes with a password.

May 27, 2016


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The Notes app for iPhone, iPad or Mac lets us note all kinds of things in an easy way. We can store clips of important information about work or write a piece of words of our feelings. And there must be some notes that you do not want to get public. Luckily, in the latest iOS 9.3, Apple adds one new feature to let you lock notes on your iPhone and iPad. As for Mac computer, you can also set a password to lock your notes if it runs OS X 10.11.4 or later. Let’ start to see how to make it.

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How to Lock Notes on Mac OS X

Step 1. Open Notes app > Select the notes you want to lock.

Step 2. Click on Lock icon at the top > Click on Lock This Note option.

Step 3. Enter your password > Then click Lock icon again and choose Close All Locked Notes or close the Notes app to lock your notes.


If you want to unlock your notes, just click Lock option and choose Remove Lock in the Notes app.

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The Bottom Line

Hope this guide can help you lock your notes successfully. If you are interested in MacClean, just click here to have a free trial!

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