How to Make Playlist in iTunes


By creating a playlist in iTunes, you can easily burn it into CD, publish it to iMix, give it to friends or sort the songs for multiple iPods on one computer.


Aug. 9, 2012


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How to Make Playlist in iTunes

A playlist is simply a list of songs. They can be played in sequential or shuffled order. While for the playlist in iTunes, it plays a bigger role. You can burn a playlist to CDs and listen to it in your car or home stereo. If you think your songs list it well-content and you can share it through iTunes iMix or just gift it to your friends.

Making playlist in iTunes is a required course if you have to manage multiple iPods on one computer. By creating a playlist in iTunes, you can populate different iPods from related iTunes playlists. So that you don't have to sync the whole library on all iPods.

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How to Make Playlist in iTunes

  • Open iTunes. We suggest you update it to the latest version for better performance and the new features. (Go check for iTunes Alternative if you feel it's slow and clunky)
  • Choose File > New Playlist.
  • How to Create Playlist in iTunes
  • Then you can see if on the left bottom of iTunes. Right-click newly created iTunes playlist, and you can duplicate or delete it. Double click on it to rename.
  • How to Make Playlist in iTunes

The Bottom Line

Apart from burning to CD or sharing it over the Internet, you can also give your playlist from iPod onto another computer. Or more directly, just transfer playlist from iPod to another iPods. A tool you need is PodTrans Pro, one professional iPod Transfer program. Free Download to Try >

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