How to Organize Your iPhone

If you’re looking for ideas as to how to organize your iPhone for enhanced productivity, the following guide offers some of the best organizational tips and tricks so you can better manage content on your iPhone. Read on to learn how.

By Joy Taylor | Posted on: Oct. 10, 2018, Last Updated: Aug. 05, 2019
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Organizing things has always been an important aspect of our lives and we should apply that to our iPhones as well. If you get a brand new iPhone and you don’t keep your things organized, you will have difficulties finding content when you actually need it on your device. There are many ways that help you organize your iPhone including how you can organize your apps, home screen, and so on.

In the following guide, you are going to learn some of the best ways to keep items organized on your iPhone. It offers some fine ways to organize your iPhone so let’s jump onto it without further ado.

Part 1. How to Organize Your iPhone Using the Most Common Ways

There are some common ways that most long time iPhone users use to keep their stuff organized on their iPhones. These ways will help you remove clutter from your device and will let you easily find things at any given time.

1. Keep Apps in Their Respective Folders

If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPhone, you must make sure to keep them in their respective folders. What we mean by respective folders is the categories in which your apps fall. For example, if you have five finance apps on your iPhone, you should keep them in a folder called Finance so you can easily find these apps when you want.

How to Organize Your iPhone Using the Most Common Ways

How to Organize Your iPhone Using the Most Common Ways

2. Place Apps in Easy Reach to Your Fingers

If you use your iPhone with your fingers in a certain way, you can keep your apps accordingly so they are easy to reach to when you need to launch them on your device. For instance, if you prefer using your iPhone one-handedly with your right hand, you may want to place your apps within easy reach of your right-hand fingers.

It will make the entire procedure of launching apps easier for you as you can quickly tap on the app icon and launch it on your iPhone.

Part 2. How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans

If you think the default options available for arranging apps on your iPhone are very limited, you might want to look further and use a third-party app to organize your iPhone apps. There is such an app that makes the whole thing easier for you – AnyTrans. As a professional iOS data manager, AnyTrans can help you do more things to organize your iPhone easily and simply:

AnyTrans – iPhone App Manager

Want to have a clear and neat iPhone/iPad/iPod touch home screen? AnyTrans is the wonderful helper for you which can meet all your needs on iPhone app management. Keep reading on this post to learn more.

Step 1Download and launch AnyTrans on your PC/Mac > Connect your iPhone to your computer. Choose Device Manager in the drop-down menu > Switch to 1-Click Management > Click on the Home Screen Manager option.

How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 1

How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 1

Step 2 You can click the Backup Home Screen to make a backup first > Click on Arrange Home Screen button.

How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 2

How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 2

Step 3Choose to classify your iPhone apps via color or catalog > Click Preview to have a check > Then click on Sync to Device button. The changes made to the apps’ layout will be synced with your iPhone.

How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 3

How to Organize Your iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 3


If you have been wondering “how to organize my iPhone”, you now know how to do it using the default options as well as using a third-party app called AnyTrans. The latter gives you more flexibility and options in terms of customizing items on your iPhone. Download it now and manage your iOS apps and other content in the way easier than ever!

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