How to Print Photos from iPad


This post tells you two ways to easily print pictures from your iPad, no matter it is an iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Jan. 26, 2016


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In 2015, iPad Pro was released with 12.9-inch Retina Display and 64-bit desktop-class architecture. Absolutely, it could be some good pocket laptop to show pictures and edit documents on daily life, no matter for business or just for fun. When you have some photos or received some documents on your iPad, you may wander whether to print them from your iPad. In this tutorial, we discuss about how to print photos from iPad with and without iPad Pro/Air/Mini, and it is also apply to printing some files and documents on your iPad.

Part 1. How to Print Photos from an iPad without Computer

Part 2. How to Print Pictures from Your iPad with Mac/PC

Part 1. How to Photos Print from an iPad without Computer

If you have one AirPrint-enabled printer around, now you can easily print your taken pictures from iPad without connecting to a computer. After joining your iPad to the Wi-Fi network that your printer is running in, you can use AirPrint to print pictures on your iPad to your wireless printer with ease.

The process of printing with AirPrint could be very simple, just go to Photos app and tap the picture you want to print and then tap the share button. Normally, after that, you will find a print icon, tap it and go the Print Option page. On print Option page, set the number of copies you want to print, and select the printer you are going to use. After all settings, tap Print to finish the process.

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Part 2. How to Print Pictures from iPad with Mac/PC

Sometimes when you can’t get one printer that can be used with AirPrint, or AirPrint won’t work to print your iPad photos, you can try to get these image files to your computer, save them to printable format and then print them. There are many ways that you can use to get pictures to your computer, Email, iCloud and transfer tool, such as AnyTrans. After transferring the pictures from iPad to computer, you can easily print them to a printer.

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The Bottom Line

Besides the methods we show above, there are some other tools or methods you can use to print your iPad photos. If you have some good ideas about how to print from an iPad, just comment and share them on this post.

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