How to Put Music on Your Phone


This post tells you the method to download songs onto your phone, no matter an iPhone or an Android Phone, Samsung, BlackBerry or HTC.

Jan. 21, 2016


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AnyTrans – Quickly Put Music on Your iPhone without iTunes and Erasing

AnyTrans – iPhone Music Transfer Tool

Download AnyTrans to quickly transfer songs, pictures, contacts, ringtones and other types of files from computer to your iPhone 6/6s/5/5s/5c/4/4s.

The built-in Music app of smartphones offers users the way to listen to the music everywhere. To enjoy more songs and melody, after getting your new mobile device, no matter Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S6, you must have decided to import some collected songs from computer to your phone. In this post, in order to help you easily put songs on your phone, we offer you some tools and methods, and we make them two parts, one is for iPhone users and another is for Android.

Part 1. How to Put Music onto an iPhone

You may have downloaded some nice songs to your computer before buying your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. To get these downloaded songs to your smartphone, the best tool is Apple iTunes. It allows you to sync songs to your IPhone , iPad and iPod.

Of course, iTunes sometimes seems not user-friendly, because it may erase your iPhone. So if you are not willing to erase your device or you get into the trouble of iTunes won’t work, our iMobie product AnyTrans can be one perfect iTunes alternative to help your quickly transfer music without iTunes.

For detail about how to use iTunes and AnyTrans to put songs onto an iPhone, you can read How to Put Music on iPhone 6/6s with/without iTunes, and this tutorial is suitable for almost all iPhone models, no matter you are using Mac or PC.

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Part 2. How to Put Songs on Android Phone

If you have one Windows computer and want to transfer songs from Windows to your Android smartphone, the process could be easier than putting songs onto an iPhone sometimes. It’s because almost all of Android phones support you to transfer songs via USB cable. And below are the steps.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer by using USB cable.

Step 2. After connecting, an installation may be automatically running on your Windows computer. Just wait to complete the installation.

Step 3. On your mobile phone, you should allow your device to share media files, tap USB connected, tap Mount and switch to USB storage mode.

Step 4. On computer, go to My Computer and search for new added removable storage drive.

Step 5. Put songs to your phone by dragging and dropping songs to the removable drive.

Step 6. After transferring, turn off USB Storage on your cell phone and unplug it.

Depending on your android phone brand and model, the process of transferring songs to your phone with USB cable may be a little different from the above steps. In this situation, you can free try third-part transfer tool - AnyTrans for Android to transfer songs to your Smartphone. It is compatible with most of popular Android phones in the market.

The Bottom Line

This post doesn’t cover all of android models. So if you meet some problems when using the methods above or having some good ideas to put songs to a smartphone, just comment them and discuss. Thanks for viewing and have a good day.

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