How to Recover Deleted Data from iPad Pro

3 Methods to Recover Lost Data on iPad Pro

[Last Updated: Nov.10th, 2015]

After September launch, Apple decided to start selling its 12.9-inch iPad on November 11th. Have your got an iPad Pro already or have no one but plan to upgrade to iPad Pro in this November? No matter what situation, we think there are some iPad Pro tips you can read to better use this big-screen Apple iOS device. Absolutely, you should make sure your new iPad has been activated. In this post, we will focus on how to recover iPad Pro data in 3 ways.

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There are some reasons that may lead to data loss on iPad Pro, such as mistakenly deleting, iOS update problem, iTunes sync error and restore error. If you accidentally lost some important files or information due to above reasons from your new iPad Pro, how can you get back them? In this article, we provide you 3 frequently used methods, including one iPad data recovery tool, to easily recover your iPad Pro data, no matter iMessages, Camera Roll photos/videos or some other files. 

Method 1. Restore iPad Pro from iCloud Backup 

With iCloud, we can manually or automatically backup contacts, pictures, videos, iMessages and some other data/setting on iPad Pro to iCloud. If you make sure that you have backed up your iPad Pro and there are available backups on iCloud server online. You have chance to get back your lost data by using this method.

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How to Restore iPad Pro from iCloud Backup

How to Restore iPad Pro from iCloud Backup

The process to restore your iPad with iCloud is very simple. But before that, you'd better use some stable Wi-Fi connection and connect your device to a power in order to make restoring smoothly. 

Step 1. Unlock your iPad Pro, and go to Setting > General > Reset, tap "Erasing all content and settings."

Step 2. Set up your iPad Pro by restoring from iCloud backup.

Step 3. Sign in to iCloud > "Choose Backup" to restore your iPad Pro.

Method 2. Restore iPod Pro from iTunes Backup

Just like iCloud, iTunes also have the feature to backup data and settings on your iPad Pro. If you make sure that you have backed up your device to computer and created one iPad backup, you can now follow the steps below to recover all data and setting on your iPad Pro. 

Step 1. Different from method 1, you should connect your iPad Pro to computer firstly, and run iTunes.

Step 2. Click to File > Devices > Restore from Backup.

How to Restore iPad Pro from iTunes on Mac

How to Restore iPad Pro from iTunes on Mac

Step 3. Pick one latest iTunes backup for your iPad Pro and Click restore. 

Don't disconnect your iPhone when restoring. And this method will also erase data on your iPad Pro. So you'd better get important data off your iPad Pro before restoring. 

Method 3. iPad Data Recovery Software:PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery

Sometimes when you don't know what is stored in you iPad backup or you don't want to erase you device, you can use this professional iOS & Android data recovery tool - PhoneRescue to help you. There are some features you may be interested in about PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery.

Top Features of PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery

  • Scan deleted iMessages, call logs, notes and other data from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Preview data on iCloud/iTunes backup without restoring.
  • Extract 20+ types of files from backup without erasing iPad.
  • Compatible with iOS 7/8/9 and recently iOS 9.1/9.2.
  • Can be installed on any Mac or PC computer. 
Recover data from iPad Pro with PhoneRescue on Mac

Recover data from iPad Pro with PhoneRescue on Mac

How to Recover Data from iPad Pro with PhoneRescue

Step 1. Go to the download page of PhoneRescue and click PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery to download it, install and run it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPad Pro to computer, and choose one suitable mode to recover data from your iPad Pro. It supports "recover from iPad", or "recover from iPad backup", including iTunes backup, iCloud backup and iCloud Drive.

Step 3. Scan lost and deleted data, save the deleted items by exporting them to computer.  

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