How to Recover Data from Rooted Android

If you are one of the Android users who lost data after rooting Android device and finding ways to recover those data, you can read this guide to get a super easy method to get your lost data back.

By iMobie | Posted: Aug. 24, 2018, Last Updated: Aug. 27, 2018
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Nowadays, more and more Android users root their phones via various root tools to get more control over their device. Undoubtedly, it is really convenient for you to completely control your device. However, everything has two sides, no exception for the behavior of rooting your device. So far, hundreds of Android users have reported that they met data loss after rooting their device. That is to say, you might also be at risk of losing data after rooting your device. What would you do if you lose data after rooting your device?

The first thing you should remember is to do nothing to your phone, for example, taking photos, storing new contacts, transferring files between the computer and phone, etc. Otherwise, the data stored in your device will be overwritten by new contents and you will lose the deleted data permanently. Next, you need to recover the lost data as soon as possible in case of more big loss of data.

Before recovering, something you need to know is that the deleted data is not gone but still stored somewhere in your device and you can not recover them by yourself unless using some professional data recovery tools. But there are various data recovery tools on the market, how to choose the most available one? As for the Android data recovery tool, we suggest you choose one that is professional, trusted, safe, green and efficient. After doing a long time research, we have found one Android data recovery tool – PhoneRescue for Android, which is one of the best Android data recovery tools.

Why is PhoneRescue for Android?

Besides the great features we mentioned above, there are many other outstanding features of it as below :

1. This powerful and professional Android data recovery tool has the highest data recovery rate and is 100% secure and safe, so you don’t need to worry about data loss or privacy leakage during the recovery process.

2. It can recover the lost data caused by various reasons like the accidental deletion, system failure and root of the device.

3. It supports previewing and selecting what you want to recover to your device, without erasing.

4. It allows you to recover various data like messages, call history, photos, contacts, calendar, videos and more other crucial data from your Android device.

3 Steps to Recover Data from Rooted Android

Step 1. Download PhoneRescue for Android on your computer ( PC/Mac) > Install and run it > Connect your device to the computer. Here we take Samsung as an example.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Select the data what you want to recover > Click the blue arrow at the right side to scan your data.

How to Recover Data from Rooted Android - Step 1

How to Recover Data from Rooted Android – Step 2

Step 3. After scanning, you will see all files and data display on the screen, just choose what you want to recover and then click the button at the right corner to recover them to your device (or to your computer).

How to Recover Data from Rooted Android - Step 2

How to Recover Data from Rooted Android – Step 3

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The Bottom Line

Hope you can get all your deleted data back from the rooted Android with the help of PhoneRescue for Android. Besides, this Android data recovery supports almost all Android smartphones like Sony, Huawei, HTC, Google Pixel and Samsung. With its convenience and outstanding features, why not download it to have a try.


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