How to Recover Photos from Google Account

It is really easy to lose all your data stored on a smartphone or a computer. But don’t worry when you are backed up with Google. Photos are kept to keep the best memories of your life alive. Once a photo is backed up on Google, some people find it hard to recover them. So if you want to know how to retrieve Google backup photos, then this is the post you can refer.

By iMobie | Posted: Jul. 20, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 23, 2018
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Google provides a feature of backing up all the data in your phone or PC. All the photos, videos, music files, documents, everything can be stored in the Drive. Google drive has the ability to store data up to 15 GB of space free. After 15 GB, if you want to increase the storage capacity, you have to buy the storage. The storage can be extended from 100 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, and up to 30 TB.

Google allows the user to recover photos from Google account in a few simple steps. You can even retrieve the photos that you deleted from backup storage. Both of the apps whether it is drive or photos provides an opportunity to keep the data safe and secure.

Recover photos from Google account

The only possible way available to restore and recover lost or deleted photos is to find them in the Google drive. The easiest method for how to find backed up photos on Google :

Method 1. Restore the photo from Google Drive.

Step 1 Open the Google Drive app.

Step 2 Find the photo in the drive.

Step 3 Select the download option. Or you can also share the photo and it’ll be automatically downloaded.

Recover Photos from Google Account Using Google Drive - Step 3

Recover Photos from Google Account Using Google Drive – Step 3

The Google Drive is automatically synced with Google photo’s app.

Method 2. Restore from Google Photos.

Step 1  Open your smartphone and go to the google photos app for direct access.

Recover Photos from Google Account Using Google Photos - Step 1

Recover Photos from Google Account Using Google Photos – Step 1

Step 2 Find and Select the photo. If you can’t find the photo in the main folder, select the trash option from the menu.

Step 3 Find the photo you want to recover. Press and hold the photo you want to recover.

Step 4 You will automatically find the option to restore the photo from google. Tap it.

Step 5 Wait for the downloading to finish and your photo will be successfully backed up in the folder where it existed before deletion.

One important point to remember is that, after 60 days, the trash bin automatically permanently deletes the file, and you won’t have any backup after that. The original size of the photo can be saved for better quality data.

The Bottom Line

The Google backup is like the best idea to have a backup of all the data you need and never want to lose.  The best thing is to know how to retrieve photos from Google cloud. Deleting a file by mistake is something that can happen to anyone. Thus, by using Google Drive and Google Photos, you can restore the photos, that you deleted by accident. The Google drive and Google photo app work together to provide a better back up system to the user.


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