How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings & Restore Data on Android

This article will provide you complete details on how to restore Android phone to factory settings and how to restore data on Android with/without backup.

By Thea Lewis | Posted on: Apr. 13, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 11, 2019

In many cases, you may need to restore your Android phone. When talking about “restore Android phone”, there are two concepts: restore Android phone & restore Android phone data. Actually, there is not much difference between Restore Android phone data and restore Android phone. In the first case, user creates the backup of the necessary data either in the Google Account and can recover it back from the same. While with restore Android phone, you can apply for the factory settings and get the phone in a brand new condition with all the data and settings erased. Even your third-party apps will get erased with this process. If you have back up the data, then you can easily restore from backup.

However, no matter to restore Android phone to factory settings or restore data from backup, many users are not very clear about how to restore Android Phone. So, here in this post, we will tell you how to restore Android phone to factory settings, as well as how to restore Android data with/without backup.

Part 1: How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings

It is a simple task to restore Android to factory settings. Well, most of the time people perform this activity to save their data and create a backup for future references. Data is vital and it is the main source of information that users gather in their device. It can be contacts, messages, emails, photos etc.

Step 1 Initially you have to open the settings on your device.

Step 2 Now, click on System > Reset.

How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings - Step 2

How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings – Step 2

Settings may vary in different mobile, if this is not the same then click on Backup & Reset.

Step 3 Click on Factory Data Reset> Reset Phone. (Here, the device may ask for your PIN or Password)

Step 4 If you want to erase all your data from the Phone memory, click on Erase Data (you can also create a backup of the data you require).

How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings - Step 4

How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings – Step 4

Step 5 After all your data is erased, restart your device.

How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings - Step 5

How to Restore Android Phone to Factory Settings – Step 5

Step 6 Now, you can set up your device and restore your backup data.

Problems Might Encounter When Restoring Android Phone

While you try to restore Android Phone there can be problems you may encounter, which are well elaborated below:

Problem 1: The backup will not provide the latest data

People create a backup after a certain period of time. If you have made backup a week ago then it will not provide the backup of the latest data in your device. If so, you can try some other methods to backup your Android data.

Problem 2: Overwriting of the old data

This can be another issue when the latest backup data may be overwritten on the data already existing in the backup.

Problem 3: Can’t restore Android phone

If you are unable to restore Android phone than factory resetting can assist you in a better way. For this, you need to Tap on Volume + Home + Power button on your phone or tablet. There will be the option for factory restore settings. It will ask you to delete all the data, press yes. After the data is deleted, restart your device and later you can restore your Android phone.

Problem 4: Chances of data loss or damage

People try to restore Android and mostly they configure the problem of data loss or damage. Now, either their restoring processes consist of human errors due to lack of knowledge or the process they use are not that effective.

Part 2: How to Restore Android Data with/without Backup

1. Restore Android Data with Google Backup

To restore Android data from backup, first of all, you need a backup no matter from Google account or independent backup services provided by some phone produces. Since independent backup services vary from each other, so most of the users will restore Android data from Google backup, and detailed instruction will be shown in the following:

Step 1 Log in to your Google account on your Android phone. You’ll see a list of all your previous devices, and when you’ve last used them. Select a device to see all the apps available for restore.

Step 2 Open Google Drive from the home screen, select the hamburger menu from the top left corner. Navigate to Settings.

Step 3 Tap Manage backup. You’ll see a list of all the apps that are using the backup service. Select what you need to restore.

2. Restore Android Data without any Backup

What if you didn’t have a Google backup, then, how can you restore Android data without backup? Here we recommend you an Android data recovery – PhoneRescue for Android, which can help you restore kinds of lost or deleted Android data from device directly, without any backup. As a powerful Android data recovery tool supports retrieving kinds of Android data and files that matter to you most, such as text messages, call history, photos, contacts, calendar, videos events and more.

Now, download PhoneRescue for Android on your Mac or PC computer and then follow steps below to easily restore data on Android phone.

Step 1 Launch PhoneRescue for Android and connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2 Select the types of files you want to restore and click on Next button.

How to Restore Android Data without Backup - Step 2

How to Restore Android Data without Backup – Step 2

Step 3 Preview and select the data you want to restore > Click Recover button.

How to Restore Android Data without Backup - Step 3

How to Restore Android Data without Backup – Step 3

To restore the deleted or lost files on your Android phone, you need to root your device before recovering. PhoneRescue for Android can easily get your Android phone rooted without any data loss. All you have to do is following the prompts. Meanwhile, you can also use it to export current data on your device to the computer for making a backup.

The Bottom Line

Data is an important source of information which people save in their Android devices. Also, they create backup of their data and restore them in for future needs. There are various methods to restore Android phone which will bring it to new condition. But one should carefully apply these methods after creating a backup of their data.

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