How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Recordings on Android via 1 Click

Lost important voice recordings by accident? Don’t worry! This guide will show you a quick and simple method to help you recover deleted voice recordings in minutes.

iMobie Posted on: Jan. 15, 2018, Last Updated: Oct. 10, 2019

“I accidentally deleted all the voice recordings on my Samsung S7, they were of my 4 year old son talking at different times over the years. Is there any way of recovering them?”

You may have encountered the same situation like above user that you mistakenly deleted one or all your precious voice recordings, which records kid’s babbles, loved one’s greetings, passionate speeches, etc. Losing those voice recordings with precious memories might make you feel sad. Don’t worry about that too much.

Those deleted voice recordings are still staying somewhere on device and they are just invisible to us. With some professional data recovery tool, you can find the hidden files and get them back with no effort. And in this guide, the tool we recommend is the #1 Android & iOS data recovery – PhoneRescue. Keep reading to recover deleted voice recordings now.

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Don’t make any more voice recordings on your Android phone, or your deleted voice recordings will be overwritten by new data and become unrecoverable.

The Tool You Need to Recover Deleted Voice Recordings on Android

PhoneRescue is the safest and efficient recovery tool trusted by millions of Android and iOS users. Now, let’s check what PhoneRescue for Android can do for you.

1. It helps you successfully recover all deleted voice recordings via three simple steps: connecting, scanning, recovering, and the whole process just takes you a few minutes.

2. It supports previewing and selecting the deleted voice recordings before recovering, which makes it possible for you to recover the one(s) you really needed.

3. Besides voice recordings, it is also capable of photos, contacts, videos, music, Line Messages, WhatsApp messages, call logs and more important files on your device.

4. It works perfectly with the most common Android devices and the latest Android OS, such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Samsung Tab and more smartphone and tablets.

How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Recordings on Android

At first, let’s go to the download page of PhoneRescue and click PhoneRescue for Android. Then choose the suitable version to download it on your computer.

Step 1. Launch PhoneRescue for Android on your computer > Connect your Android phone to the computer via its USB cable (here we take Samsung for example).

Step 2. Choose Voice Recordings only > Tap Next on the right. By default, all supported files will be checked. If you only want to recover the deleted voice recordings, simply uncheck other file categories.

Step 3. Preview the deleted voice recordings and select the one(s) you want to recover > Click the Download to Computer button to get them back right now.

This feature of PhoneRescue for Android is coming soon. Let’s look forward to it!

The Bottom Line

With PhoneRescue for Android, you can successfully recover all your deleted voice recordings in minutes. Moreover, PhoneRescue guarantees your privacy safety, it is always put your privacy protection in the first place. Just give it a try now >


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