How to Set Up and Use Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X, XR and XS

After the iOS 12 being released, Apple introduced one interesting feature – Memoji. And in this post, we’ll go through this feature and tell you how to quickly set up iOS 12 Memoji and use it on your iPhone X/XR/XS. Notice that this post doesn’t apply to iPhone 8 and previous iPhone generations.

Tom Boyer Last Updated: Jun. 04, 2020
iOS 12 Memoji

iOS 12 Memoji

We talked about whether to update to iOS 12 on iPhone before. And we tried collecting the problems and bugs people may meet. And finally summarized this year’s update is worthy trying, cause few bugs and nice features like Measure app, Screen Time and Memoji.

Actually Memoji is just an update of Animoji, which uses face tracking tech to create 3D animated emoji. And Memoji enables you to create customized emoji and use them┬áto chat via Messages and FaceTime. The Memoji is just like Snapchat Bitmoji, you’ll know this new feature better if you’ve ever used Bitmoji.

How to Quickly Set Up Memoji in iOS 12?

Firstly, you should know this new Memoji feature is only for devices (iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS) which have TureDepth Cameras. The infrared emitter on the camera can detect over 30,000 dots on users’ faces, so it is able to generate a better customized 3D emoji of you. Now let’s see how to create Memoji.

  1. Run the Messages app and start a new message.
  2. Tap the monkey memoji and tap New Memoji to customize your Memoji.
  3. You can customize the emoji with Skin, HairStyle, Head Shape, Eyes, Brows, Nose & Lips, Ears, Facial Hair, Eyewear, and Headwear.
  4. Tap Done to finish the Setup.
How to Set Up Memoji in iOS 12

How to Set Up Memoji in iOS 12

How to Use Your Customized Memoji in iOS 12?

Your Memoji can be used on Messages and FaceTime app. And below are the details on how to use them.

Use Memoji on Messages App

  1. On message conversation, tap the monkey Animoji to pick one memoji.
  2. Delete the Memoji, and then tap to record Memjoi.
  3. Tap to send your Memoji.
How to Use Memoji on Messages App

How to Use Memoji on Messages App

You can add Memoji to picture and videos, and then share them.

On the Messages app, you can share one picture or video with your customized Emoji.

  1. Tap the Camera icon on a message conversation, and choose one picture or video.
  2. Tap Effects icon to select Memoji you like to add the Memoji to your picture or video. After that, share it.
How to Add Memoji to Photos and Videos

How to Add Memoji to Photos and Videos

Use Memoji on FaceTime App

  1. Start a call on FaceTime, and tap Effects icon.
  2. After that, choose the Animoji icon and then select one Memoji.
  3. Record your Memoji and then tap Send button to add emoji mask.
How to Use Memoji on FaceTime App

How to Use Memoji on FaceTime App

Can’t Use Memoji on iPhone?

Updated to iOS 12, but can’t find where to use Memoji or the Messages and FaceTime is not working to use Memoji effect. Here are some quick tips you can have a try.

  • Make sure your device is updated to the new iOS 12.
  • Make sure you are using iPhone X, iPhone XR, or iPhone XS (Max).
  • Make sure you have setup Memoji by following the tutorial.

The Bottom Line

Apple adds more fun to share 3D emoji with the new feature – iOS 12 Memoji. The customized emoji can match your mood and personality well and is easy to create and share. In a word, it’s worth a try for iPhone users.

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