How to Speed Up macOS Sierra Easily


macOS Sierra is slow but don’t know how to speed up it? Read on this tip to get 4 useful suggestions to speed up your macOS Sierra.

Dec. 21, 2016

by iMobie

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MacClean – Speed Up masOS Sierra

MacClean – Professional Mac Speeding-up tool

Just download and install MacClean to your computer to get ready for speeding up your Mac (running macOS Sierra).

When upgrade to macOS Sierra, you may feel that your Mac gets more smoothly and convenient with its new features like Optimized Storage, Universal Clipboard, Siri on Mac, Auto Lock with Apple Watch and etc. But most Macs will perform slower after months’ usage (even running the latest macOS Sierra) due to the system or Internet junks, cookies, massive apps and a pile of files stored on Mac. Thus speeding up your Mac seems to be quite urgent.

Here we’ll introduce 4 methods to speed up your macOS Sierra in this post. Follow the instructions below to make your Mac faster than ever.

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Method 1. Free Up Hard Drive Space

Freeing up hard drive storage is the basic step to speed up macOS Sierra if you’ve put too many files on your Mac. Removing some unwanted media files like music, videos, and podcasts is workable, and you can also delete some useless attachments, photos and documents. Your Mac will run much faster after you’ve done these cleaning jobs to speed up macOS Sierra.

Method 2. Remove Message Files

It’s awesome to send instant messages, GIFs and videos with Mac Message, but these files would gradually take huge space on your Mac and slow down it. Deleting these unimportant conversations, videos and GIFs will release space a lot as well as speed up your macOS Sierra.

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Method 3. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

If there are too many apps on your macOS Sierra and they are running on the background at the same time, then this may be the reason why your macOS Sierra is slow. Just uninstall some unneeded apps to free up storage and close the programs you don’t need currently to speed up your macOS Sierra.

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Method 4. Speed Up macOS Sierra with MacClean

To speed up your macOS Sierra, clearing the system junks, Internet caches and malicious cookies is extremely necessary. That’s why many users would recommend a comprehensive Mac cleaning tool named MacClean,which is able to clean all the Mac junks, browser cookies and hidden malicious files easily in order to make your slow macOS Sierra run faster. Follow the detailed steps below to speed up your macOS Sierra with MacClean.

Step 1. Download and install MacClean to your Mac and run it.

Step 2. There are two parts on the interface: Cleanup and Utilities. Click any item in the Cleanup bar, and then click Scan to find the files that are slowing down your macOS Sierra.

Speed Up macOS Sierra with MacClean – Step 2

Speed Up macOS Sierra with MacClean – Step 2

Step 3. After scanning, all the junk files will show up. You can click to review the details and select the files you want to remove, and then click Clean to clear them.

Speed Up macOS Sierra with MacClean – Step 3

Speed Up macOS Sierra with MacClean – Step 3

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The Bottom Line

It’s obvious that MacClean is one of the best solutions to speed up your macOS Sierra. Besides clearing junks and cookies on Mac, it’s also capable of removing potential risks to protect your privacy and sensitive data on macOS Sierra. Therefore why not download MacClean to have a free trial?

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