How to Switch/Upgrade to New iPhone Without Hassle

If you are thinking of how to switch to new iPhone from your old iPhone, then this article will provide a guideline to go through the process. This article also outlines all the important steps involved in switching to new iPhone if you are an Android user.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 11, 2018, Last Updated: Jan. 03, 2019
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Apple is most likely to launch the next iPhone series on September 12. If you are anticipating an upgrade to the new iPhone, then you should follow this tutorial. This article points out clear steps involved in switching to the new iPhone.  Android users willing to upgrade to an iOS ecosystem will also find this write-up quite beneficial.

The most important part while upgrading to a new iPhone is the transfer of contents and information from your old device to your new Apple device. Though there are many methods available to migrate the contents of this article we will confine ourselves to the Apple’s tools available i.e. iCloud, iTunes and Move to iOS (for Android users).

This article is divided into two parts – one for iPhone users and the other for Android users for better accessibility of information.

Let’s go ahead with the tutorial.

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Part 1. How to Switch to New iPhone [For iPhone Users]

While upgrading to a new iPhone X or iPhone Xs (Plus), the transfer of contents (apps, music, pictures, videos, messages, account data, and passwords etc.) from your old iPhone to the new one becomes our top priority. This process involves creating a backup of your old device and restoring that backup into your new iPhone. We will be mentioning Quick Start, iTunes & iCloud methods for creating and restoring the backup.

Method -1 Transfer Contents Using “Quick Start”

It’s the most convenient and fastest method and doesn’t require any significant technical knowledge. But this method requires that both iPhones should be running on iOS 11 & later versions. So let’s check out the steps involved in the transfer.


  1. Insert  SIM and turn on your new iPhone.
  2. Bringing it in close proximity to your old iPhone.
  3. Quick Start screen appears on your old iPhone which asks for Apple ID to “Set up your new iPhone”. Enter the Apple ID and click “Continue”.
Quick Start screen on old iPhone

Quick Start screen on old iPhone

  1. An encrypted animation appears on your new iPhone.
Encrypted Animation on New iPhone

Encrypted Animation on New iPhone

  1. Hold the old iPhone and place its viewfinder to focus the animation running on the new iPhone. You will receive a message “Finish on New Device”.
  2. Enter your current password in your new iPhone.
  3. Configure Touch ID/ Face ID when prompted.
  4. Input your Apple ID and password on your new iPhone. You will receive a prompt screen which offers you to restore your new device from the most recently created backups in your old iPhone.
  5. Maintain a fresh backup in your old iPhone so that all your updated contents get transferred in your new device.
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions. Set up Apple Pay, Siri & Location settings.
  7. Keep the devices under proximity till all the settings and information gets transferred and you get “Welcome to iPhone” screen.
  8. Stay connected to Wi-Fi during the process as it may take some time.

 Method -2 Transfer Contents Using iCloud

Apple’s iCloud service is one of the best options available if you want to upgrade to a new iPhone. The whole bunch of information in your old iPhone gets stored in iCloud storage and can be easily restored in your iPhone. This is a selective transfer process and you can choose what to restore.

Follow these steps to create and restore the backup.

  1. Go to Settings> Click iCloud> iCloud backup.
  2. Turn on the iCloud backup and then click “Back up Now”.
  3. Ensure a fast Wi-Fi connection during the backup.
  4. Insert the SIM in your new iPhone and turn it on.
  5. Follow up the prompts till you reach the “Apps & Data” screen.
  6. Select “Restore from iCloud Backup”.
  7. Enter the iCloud credentials and choose the backup created. Wait for the process to finish in a few minutes.

Remember: iCloud offers only 5 GB of free storage. If you have heaps of data to be backed up then you should purchase additional storage plans.

Method -3 Transfer Contents using iTunes

The next method on how to switch to the new iPhone  is through iTunes services. You need to have a Mac or Windows Computer as the backup is created locally. This is a tedious process but offers an advantage of a local backup which can be downloaded anytime. Check out the steps associated with this method.

  1. Launch the iTunes programme.
  2. Connect your old iPhone using the USB cable.
  3. Click on your device icon in the iTunes programme.
  4. Click “Summary” tab.
  5. Under the Backup section, select “This Computer”.
  6. Click “Back up Now” and wait for the process to finish.
  7. Insert SIM and turn on the new iPhone
  8. Follow the prompt screens and reach to the “Apps & Data” screen.
  9. Choose the option “Restore from iTunes backup”.
  10. Connect your new iPhone to the system where you backed up the contents.
  11. Launch the iTunes software once again and click on phone icon when it appears.
  12. Click “Summary” and under the backup, section click on “Restore Backup”.

Part 2. How to Switch to New iPhone [For Android Users]

Android users who are looking for guidelines on how to switch to the new iPhone  can do this by installing Apple’s “Move to iOS” Android app. Before diving into the steps, Android users should take note that only iOS compatible apps will be transferred besides, other contents.

Let’s look into the steps.

  1. Install “Move to iOS” on your Android device.
 “Move to iOS” Android App

“Move to iOS” Android App

  1. Insert SIM and power on your new iPhone.
  2. Go through follow up screens to reach  “Apps & Data” screen.
  3. Click “Move Data from Android”.
Select Move Data from Android

Select Move Data from Android

5. Open “Move to iOS” app in your Android device. Click continue & Agree to Terms. You will receive a message “Find your Code” (which is on the iPhone device).

Numeric Code Generated in iPhone

Numeric Code Generated in iPhone

  1. Enter the numeric code in Android phone which lands you to “Transfer Data” screen.
Enter Numeric Code in your Android Phone

Enter Numeric Code in your Android Phone

  1. Choose what to transfer to iPhone- Google Accounts, Bookmarks, Messages & etc.  Tap on options which you want to move and click “Next”.
Select Data to transfer

Select Data to transfer

  1. Wait for the message, “Transfer Complete” & then click “Done”.
  2. Unless the transfer finishes, “Move from Android” is displayed on the iPhone screen. Finally, click “Continue Setting up iPhone”.
  3. Create Apple ID & password and move through steps setting up of Apple Pay, Siri, iCloud keychain, Diagnostics & App Analytics.  A new message appears on the screen “Welcome to iPhone”, click “Get Started”.
  4. Enter the passwords of different accounts transferred in your new iPhone and it’s done.


We hope that this tutorial has helped you in finishing the setup process without any problems. Just in case, if you are facing any difficulties in switching to new iPhone, then do let us know in the comment section.


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