How to Sync Music from my iPad to A New PC iTunes Quickly?


iTunes just syncs music purchased from iTunes. How about the music not bought from iTunes? Below will show you how to sync music from iPad to a new PC iTunes.

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Apr 16, 2014


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AnyTrans – Sync Music from iPad to iTunes

AnyTrans – Sync Music from iPad to iTunes

AnyTrans will sync the other music (not purchased on iTunes) from iPad to a new PC iTunes. Please read on to see how it works!

Question: I am trying to sync music from my iPad to my iTunes. It only allows my purchases music from iTunes to sync. I have a ton of music from before I started purchasing from iTunes. How do I get all of my other music on there?

Or is there another way to get my iPad's music (not originally purchased on iTunes) to my iPhone?

Answer: Absolutely! AnyTrans is the powerful alternative you are looking for. Just several clicks, it can sync music from your iPad to a new PC iTunes. Meanwhile, the playlists, ratings can also be transferred. It also supports to sync songs to PC and other iOS device. During the transfer process, it will skip the repeated songs automatically. Wi-Fi transfer is also supported between iOS devices.

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Analysis: iTunes only allows you to sync content from iTunes to iOS device. Moreover, music purchased from other store cannot be synced. If synced by iTunes, other music on iOS device will be erased. What a pity! Right? In this case, the best choice is to choose the third party software.

How to Sync Music from iPad to a New PC iTunes

Want to get all other music to a new PC iTunes with ease? AnyTrans would be your perfect choice. Please download AnyTrans firstly and do as the guide below step by step.

Step 1: Launch AnyTrans on your computer and then connect your iPad to computer with USB cable.

Step 2: On Homepage of AnyTrans, click Audio > Select and click Music to enter Music Manage Page.

How to Sync Music from iPad to iTunes on PC – Step 2

How to Sync Music from iPad to iTunes on PC – Step 2

Step 3: Select the songs you want to sync to iTunes from iPad > Click to iTunes Library button to copy music from iPhone to iTunes.

How to Sync Music from iPad to iTunes on PC – Step 3

How to Sync Music from iPad to iTunes on PC – Step 3

Important Note: This tutorial also can be applied to transfer music from iPhone iTunes library or from iPod to iTunes.

Except syncing music from iPad to iTunes, AnyTrans also can be used to transfer music from iPad to computer or other iOS devices, such as, iPhone, iPod or iPod touch. In addition, AnyTrans also supports transferring many other iOS contents, for instance, Photos, Videos, Contacts , Messages, Notes, Safari Bookmarks, etc. Anyway, whatever you want to transfer, wherever you want to transfer to, AnyTrans helps you make it with a few clicks. Download iMobie AnyTrans to Start free trial >

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