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Want to know how to tag someone on Instagram? Read this post to grab the Instagram tagging skill with ease.

July. 6, 2017


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Instagram empowers us to share our lovely pictures and videos to the whole world. It not only helps more and more individuals to show how wonderful their lives are, but also is a great commercial channel for business group. However, how to enable our photos and videos to be known to more people with less time on Instagram?

The Instagram feature - tagging - is just the solution to help your photos and videos reach more people, who potentially like yours, and are your potential customers. But how to tag someone on Instagram? This must be your next question. And this is just what we are going to mainly talking about in the following. Keep reading.

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How to Tag Someone on Instagram

Normally, when we post a photo, or video, we would like to immediately to tag people, or tag in Instagram caption. But sometimes we maybe forget to tag when posting, or tag the wrong person. In this situation we can also tag people after posting. The last occasion is after posting, there will be some people commenting our photos or videos, and we can tag them in the comment. So base on these four situations, we will list four methods for how to tag people on Instagram.

How to Tag Someone in a Photo on Instagram

1. As you are uploading a photo, tap the “Tag People” button.

2.Tap the photo to tag people.

3. Type in the username. It should appear from a dropdown menu and choose the one(s) to tag.

4. Tap “Done”.

How to Tag Someone in a Photo on Instagram

How to Tag Someone in a Photo on Instagram

How to Tag Someone in Instagram Caption

1. As you are writing the caption (as marked with box on above illustration), type @ and the username of the person or business.

2. Choose the username as it comes up.

3. Tap “Done”.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram after Posting

1. Access the photo in your profile.

2. Tap the icon with three dots on the right, below the photo.

3. Tap “Edit”.

4. Tap the Tag People button, then tap photo to tag people.

5. Search username you would like to tag, then click it.

6. Tap “Done” to finish tagging.

7. You can also write a caption to tag people, just like method 2, at Tag People button page.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram after Posting

How to Tag Someone on Instagram after Posting

How to Tag Someone on Instagram in Comment

1. Type the @ sign with their username.

2. The username should pop up when you’re replying to a comment even if you don’t follow the user.

3. Tap the username.

4.Tap the username.

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The Bottom Line

With these four ways, tagging people on Instagram is just a piece of cake for you now. If you encounter some questions when applying these methods, you can leave you messages in the comments, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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