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How to Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Computer?

To enjoy Air Backup feature, if there is no WLAN network, you can turn on Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer. Now, please refer to the detailed instruction to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot option on your computer.

For Windows 10:

Step 1. Go Settings.

Step 2. Find Notwork & Internet option.

Step 3. Click Mobile hotspot option and turn it on.

For Mac:

Step 1. Find System Preference > Click Sharing option.

Step 2. Choose Wi-Fi option.

Step 3. Set up your network name and password. Then, please click OK option to save it.

Step 4. Then, please check Internet Sharing option.

Step 5. After you launch Wi-Fi hotspot on your Mac successfully, you will see the below icon.

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