How to Uninstall Plugins on Mac Easily


How to delete plugins on Mac? This guide shows you a simple & direct way to remove all kinds of plugins on your Mac.

July 07, 2015


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MacClean – Best Way to Uninstall Plugins on Mac

MacClean – Free & Powerful Mac Cleaner

Free download and install MacClean on your MacBook or iMac after reading this guide on how to uninstall plugins on Mac.

Question: "Okay so I need to uninstall this stupid plug-in that I did today but I went (in my Mac) under Library > Internet plugins and it is blank! I know I have plug-in's b/c I looked under the safari help tab > installed plugins and there are a bunch there. How can I uninstall plugins?"

-- A User from Yahoo Answers

The extensions or plugins on Mac are functional, but it is not an easy task to find the plugins folder and correctly remove them from a Mac especially for a technology newbie. Luckily, in this guide, we will introduce you a quick and simple way to manage all your Safari plugins, Chrome plugins, Preference Panes etc. All we need is a free Mac cleaning tool, MacClean.

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Outstanding Features of MacClean

MacClean is a free and powerful cleaning tool, which makes your Mac clean and sleek. Besides removing a myriad of junk files from your Mac, it also allows you manage your Mac content in a smart way. The Extension Manager feature lets you manage all plugins, add-ons on your Mac easily. You can remove, stop or enable the plugins all in one place. Moreover, you can find out the large, old, or duplicate files on your Mac and then remove them to free up more space with MacClean.

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How to Remove Plugins on Mac with MacClean

Step 1. Free download MacClean and install it on your MacBook or iMac. Launch it, choose Optimization Tools and click on Extension Manager.

How to Delete Plugins on Mac with MacClean – Step 1

How to Delete Plugins on Mac with MacClean – Step 1

Step 2. Select the plugins you want to uninstall, and click Remove.

How to Delete Plugins on Mac with MacClean – Step 2

How to Delete Plugins on Mac with MacClean – Step 2

You can also use MacClean to find out what is other on your Mac and to clean the startup disk space by removing unwanted and useless files with ease.

The Bottom Line

You can also find & delete large, old or duplicate files on Mac with MacClean. It helps better manage your Mac content. Download it to take a tour. You can contact us by sending an email to us if you have any questions on this post or MacClean.

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