How to Use Stickers in iMessage on iPhone 7


Still have no clue how to use stickers on iPhone 7? Grab this post and send stickers in messages on iPhone 7 immediately.

Mar. 24, 2017


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Following the footsteps of apps, like Facebook and Line, Apple is delving into stickers in a big way, giving iOS users new ways of expressing ourselves. With the new feature of stickers, the iMessage we use everyday has changed from a bare bone texting app into a stylish and fun communication tool. Stickers in iPhone 7 can be stuck onto messages or images, or sent by themselves, and they can be resized, rotated, and stuck to other stickers for fun layering effects. And after we get enough information about on iPhone 7 stickers, we get started with how to use stickers on iPhone 7, or other iOS 10 devices.

Note: Sticker feature in iMessage is not only released on iPhone 7/7 Plus, but all iOS devices with iOS 10 or above have this new feature.

How to Use Stickers on iPhone 7

To use stickers on iPhone 7 is quite easy and simple. We will show it in the following with 3 steps.

Step 1. Open iMessage app and start a conversation.

Step 2. Tap App Store icon, next to the conversation box > Tap the four dots at the left corner and go to the app drawer, where all installed sticker apps are listed > Tap "+" button and go to iMessage App Store to get stickers.

How to Use Stickers in iMessage on iPhone 7 − Step 2

How to Use Stickers in iMessage on iPhone 7 − Step 2

Step 3. There are two categories: "Featured" and "Manage". In "Featured", there are various sticker apps. You can choose which one you want, buy it and install it, just like in the standard App Store. In "Manage", all your installed and available sticker apps are listed. When you want to use any one of them in your text, you just need to toggle it on. And lastly, click "Done", you just finish the course of how to get stickers on iPhone 7. You can follow these steps to get stickers on iPhone 7 now.

 How to Use Stickers in iMessage on iPhone 7 − Step 3

How to Use Stickers in iMessage on iPhone 7 − Step 3

The "Automatically Add Apps" button in "Manage" ensures that when you have apps on your device, which works with iMessage, it will automatically add them to your app drawer.

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PhoneClean is a customized tool for iPhone cleaning and privacy guard. With its Silent Clean function, you can have your iPhone cleaned automatically as long as PhoneClean has the same Wi-Fi with your device. So why not try it now?

How can iPhone be Cleaned Automatically with PhoneClean

Step 1. Download PhoneClean, if you don't have one on your computer (PC/Mac).

Step 2. Connect your device to PhoneClean, and make sure it is recognized > Select Silent Clean > Activate Silent Clean function by toggle on the button "Enable silent clean on this device".

How can iPhone be Cleaned Automatically with PhoneClean

How can iPhone be Cleaned Automatically with PhoneClean

Step 3. And then Silent Clean will detect your device and start the cleaning automatically when your device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

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The Bottom Line

With stickers, we can have more fun texting with people. And with PhoneClean, we can save a lot of time from cleaning iPhone. Download PhoneClean for free now.

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