How to Use the Info Screen of the Maps App


How much do you know about your iPhone iPad Maps app? This guide gives you a detailed introduction to the Info Screen of the Maps app. Get start to read now.

Aug. 08, 2014


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Your iPhone 5s comes with the Maps app that allows you to find directions and provide the latest traffic info. You can search for locations, find your current location and get route maps with your iPhone 5s.

We already introduced how to use map app on iPhone and iPad, in this guide, we will tell you some detailed info about the info screen of the Maps app.

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How to Use the Info Screen of the Maps App

From the main Maps screen, you can see the Info icon is displayed at the bottom-right corner, shown as a circular "i" icon. When you tap the "i" icon, a new window will pop up that enables you to switch between the Standard, Hybrid, or Satellite map view.

How to Use the Info Screen of the Maps App

How to Use the Info Screen of the Maps App

The Drop a Pin Option

Tap on the Drop a Pin option, you will get a full Maps screen. You can tap anywhere on the map to place a virtual push-pin.The new push-pin is shown in purple instead of read. Once you place a push-pin, the detailed information about the location will be displayed. You can tap on the displayed Info icon to view a location menu, including Directions to Here, Transit Directions, Create New Contact, Add to Existing Contact, Remove Pin, Add Bookmarks, or Report a Problem.

The Print Map Option

As long as you get a wireless printer linked to your iPhone or iPad via AirPrint, you can tap on the Print button to create a printout. When you tap on the Print button, the Print options screen will be displayed. You can print a map in full colors if you have a color printer linked to your iPhone or iPad.

The Show/Hide Traffic Option

The traffic information is displayed with different colors on the map. The mild traffic is showed in yellow, and the heavy is displayed in read.This feature helps you avoid traffic jam and you can seek an alternative route before you get stuck in the traffic.

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The Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite Tabs

The Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite tabs are displayed along the top of the Maps Info Window. The standard map view displays a multi-colored map on the screen with street names and other important information. The satellite view shows the map from an overhead view with a high-resolution display. The hybrid map view shows the same satellite imagery but overlays street names and some other important information.

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