How to Erase iPad/iPad mini/iPad air


Want to erase your iPad but do not know how to make it? Read this post to get the very useful method to erase iPad/iPad mini/iPad air data easily.

Mar. 27, 2017


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PhoneClean – Erase iPad without Effort

PhoneClean – A Professional iOS data Cleansing Tool

Download PhoneClean to give it a try after you reading this post on how to erase iPad/iPad mini/iPad air easily and quickly.

When you got a new iPad you may want to sell the old one or just give it to your families or friends. Well, no matter what choice you make, the first thing you should do is to erase your iPad. Because erasing iPad all content and settings is an effective way to protect yourself and your personal information security.

And this post is here to introduce you several methods to help you erase iPad data, and some even works in the situation that you don’t have the correct Apple ID, so just follow us to see how to make it.

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Method 1. Erase the Data from Your iPad

This is the easiest and fastest method enables you to erase iPad directly without the help of other third party software.

Select the Setting icon on your iPad > Choose General > Choose Reset > Tap on Erase All Content and Settings > Choose Erase > Enter passcode > Enter your Apple ID password.

How to Wipe an iPad from iPad

How to Wipe an iPad from iPad

1. If you set a passcode before, then you need to enter your passcode.

2. Sign out iCloud account and turn off Find My iPhone before you start the erase.

Method 2. How to Wipe an iPad with iTunes

If you want to erase your iPad/iPad mini/iPad air with iTunes but do not know the exact steps, just read the following part to wipe iPad via iTunes.

Turn off Find My iPad > Connect your iPad with Computer > Open iTunes > Select your iPad > Click on Summary > Click Restore iPad.

How to Erase iPad via iTunes

How to Erase iPad via iTunes

Method 3. How to Reset iPad with PhoneClean (without Apple ID)

PhoneClean is a well-rounded iOS cleaning and optimization software, which can help you clean unwanted iPhone/iPad/iPod data safely and quickly.

  • It covers all the contents like the videos, photos, messages, contacts, browsing data and settings on your device.
  • PhoneClean supports multi-devices connection, It manages your iPad, iPhone and iPod at the same time. You can choose which iOS device is ready to clean.
  • With one erase button, you can erase your iPad with one click, easily and quickly. And your data is permanently erased.
  • PhoneClean can help you wipe your iPad even you forget or lost the correct Apple ID.

Step 1. Download and open PhoneClean on your computer > Plug in you’re your iPad > Click Erase Clean button on the top > Click Erase Now.

How to Wipe an iPad via PhoneClean– Step 1

How to Wipe an iPad via PhoneClean– Step 1

Step 2. When the Erase Clean starts it will backup and analysis your data automatically before cleaning. When the analysis completes, the software will erase your data immediately (The time to erase depends on the size of files). Your iOS device will restart automatically after finishing erasing process. Please keep patient.

How to Reset iPad without Apple ID – Step 2

How to Reset iPad without Apple ID – Step 2

Step 3. Once erasing process completes, you will see the complete screen. You can click Start Over button to return to the main interface.

How to Erase iPad with PhoneClean– Step 3

How to Erase iPad with PhoneClean– Step 3

1. Backup your iPad first before you start to erase iPad for the Erase Clean will permanently erase all the data on your iPad.

2. Once the erasing process began, it couldn’t being stopped.

The Bottom Line

Hope there is a method fits your need and you can use it to wipe your iPad. That would be great if you choose PhoneClean to do so, because it can not only to help you erase your iPad, but also can help you clean other unwanted iOS data. So why not to download PhoneClean to have a try?

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