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Don’t know what is iFunbox and what it can do for you? Don’t worry. Here in this guide we will tell you what is iFunbox so that you can make better use of it.


Jun 28, 2017


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What is iFunbox? iFunbox is a favorable software made for exploring and browsing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch file system. With iFunbox you can freely manage iPhone music, Apps and ringtones with or without jailbreaking.

iFunbox logo

iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Unlike computer operating system, iOS places each app (including its preferences and data) in a sandbox at install time for security reasons. So most of users don't care about the iOS file system since they don't have an access.

However, some software developers brought several options that allow you to browse and explore the iPhone iPad iOS file system just like viewing files in Windows Explorer. And iFunbox is one of our favorite iPhone Explorer software.

iFunbox Classic Window

Although iFunbox is primarily preferred by senior iPhone users, we are still glad to define it as an easy-to-use and intuitive app. In iFunbox Classic window, you can browse and transfer User Applications, manage App file sharing, explore general storage, cameras, ibooks, voice memos, etc.

iFunbox Classic Window

On iFunbox Classic Window, you can browse iOS file system like viewing in Windows Explorer

iFunbox Managing App Data Window

On iFunbox Managing App Data window, all your apps are listed there. Double click one of them and you'll see its inner file structure.

iFunbox Managing App Data Window

All iFunbox listed apps here are clickable

As an alternative to iTunes, iFunbox allows you to copy and move files within iTunes File Sharing supported apps so you won't get confused about Apple ID or other iTunes limits any more.

But an interesting paradox is that both iTunes File Sharing and iFunbox require internet connection so you have to make sure the network is working when using iFunbox.

iFunbox Quick Toolbox

iFunbox Quick toolbox provide several interesting quick shortcuts, such as import music to iPhone, transfer iPhone photos to computer, etc. We don't recommend to use iFunbox to transfer iPod music or iPhone photos because there is no option to choose which song or picture do you want to export.

For example, if you want to transfer a few songs from iPhone to computer, you can only select the whole library by default instead of picking up particular ones to move. For a professional iPhone Music Transfer software, we highly recommend you PhoneTrans. Start Taking A Tour >

iFunbox Quick Toolbox

By choosing shortcuts above, you can transfer music and photos with iFunbox

Find More App with iFunbox

This is the advertisement section of iFunbox. The iFunbox developer cooperates with several App marketers to present you with their up-coming Apps. You can choose from them and install directly without using iTunes.

The Bottom Line

After Apple issued iOS 6, the third party iPhone file browsers software get less and less permission to change or customize the App properties. For instance, you can no longer change the iPhone App icons with iOS 6 with iFunbox. Even though jailbreaking your device could be a solution, but you should think over it before starting.

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