How to Fix: iOS 12 Overheating Problem

After updating to iOS 12, many iPhone users have found an issue: iPhone overheating after iOS 12 update. But how to solve the iOS 12 making iPhone hot problem? In the following article, we will tell you 7 ways to fix iOS 12 overheating issue.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 01, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 04, 2018
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iOS 12 Overheating Problem

iOS 12 Overheating Problem

iOS 12 comes with the most advanced and excellent features, making iPhone more powerful and faster than ever. So, after Apple Inc. pronounced iOS 12 beta version, lots of Apple fans updated their iPhone to iOS 12 to enjoy the most wonderful mobile operating system. But soon, a few iOS 12 bugs have appeared. Some users reported that after iOS 12 update, their iPhone got extremely hot while charging, playing games, watching videos, taking photos or making other operations to iPhone.

With some many complaints, Apple Inc. will surely fix this iOS 12 overheating problem in the official version. But now, how to prevent iPhone from getting extremely hot from iOS 12 update? Here, we will offer you 7 basic tips to solve this problem.

7 Tips to Fix iOS 12 Overheating Problem

Solution 1. Remove Your iPhone Case

Many users tend to use mobile phone cases to protect their iPhone from being damaged by dropping on the ground. But the case also prevent the heat from radiating. so, if your iPhone gets warm, just take out the case and see if your iPhone cools down.

Solution 2. Quit Apps running in the Background

The applications you close is still running in the background and making your iPhone get hot. So, you can just quit these apps by double clicking the home button and swipe up the apps to force close them.

Quit Apps running in the Background

Quit Apps running in the Background

Solution 3. Stop Playing Games when Your iPhone Gets Hot

Some applications, especially game apps, are taking a lot of memory of you iPhone and tax the processor, thus, when you keep running your games, your iPhone will get hotter. So, if your iPhone gets hot when you playing games, just stop it for a while and see if your iPhone cools down.

Solution 4. Stop Using Your iPhone while Charging

If your iPhone gets hot while charging, the first thing is to stop using your iPhone. In case stopping using iPhone cannot make your iPhone cool down, just unplug it and wait for a few minutes to see if it gets cool. Otherwise, you may need to change another Apple cable or charger.

Solution 5. Turn off Bluetooth and AirDrop

If the Bluetooth and AirDrop keep running on your iPhone, it will be the reason that heat up your iPhone. So it is necessary to turn off the Bluetooth and AirDrop if you don’t need to use them, which will also help you to save battery life. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch the Control Center and turn off Bluetooth and AirDrop.

Solution 6. Check iCloud Services

Sometimes, the iOS 12 overheating problem are caused by iCloud services getting stuck in the background. For instance, if your last iCloud restoration is not completed, the iCloud will keep trying to restore the iCloud backup, which will lead to the iPhone getting hot. So go to Settings > Your ID > iCloud to check if all iCloud services are going well.

Solution 7. Reset All Settings

Almost all basic iPhone problems can be solved by resetting all settings on iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. But make sure to back up your iPhone first because resetting could cause your data loss.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have offered you 7 solutions to fix iOS 12 overheating problems. If you think this post is helpful, you can share it, or if you still have any question, just let us know by leaving a message in the below comments area, and we will reply to you as soon as we see it.


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