How to Fix iOS 12 Unable to Check for Update on iPhone iPad & iPod touch

Looking for methods to fix unable to check for the update of iOS 12 on iPhone iPad? Read this post to get the causes and also tips to fix iOS 12 unable to check for update issue.

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The latest iOS 12, the twelfth major release of the iOS mobile operating system in 2018, which is open to the public with lots of new features now. However, almost every year many users would report such a problem that is when they go ahead to get the new iOS installed on their iPhone iPad and start carrying it out over the air, a message pops up and says “Unable to Check for Update An error occurred while checking for a software update”, rather than the available update that makes you really vexed and can’t download & install new iOS 12.

Unable to Check for Update of iOS 12 on iPhone iPad & iPod touch

Unable to Check for Update of iOS 12 on iPhone iPad & iPod touch

Have no idea why iOS 12 unable to check for update and how to fix it as soon as possible? Don’t worry, we will explain some possible reasons and share some tips to help you fix this error message.

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Why Your iDevice Unable to Check for Update of iOS 12

Here are some possible causes of iOS unable to check for update on iPhone iPad:

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How to Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12

Tip 1. Check iOS 12 Compatibility

You know that with every iOS upgrade, some old iDevices become obsolete and no longer supported by the new system, iOS 12 is no exception. So, first, you need to check if your iPhone or iPad is still be supported by iOS 12. Here is an image of the list of iOS 12 supported devices:

Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12 - Check Compatible Devices

Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12 – Check Compatible Devices

Tip 2. Force Restart Your iPhone iPad

Try force restarting your iDevice to see if that works. The steps are slightly different for different models of iPhone, here is how to do:

iPhone 6s and earlier:

Press & hold on the Home button and the power button > Drag slide to power off > Open your device again after a few seconds.

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Keep holding the “Power” button and the volume decrease button until the Apple logo appears. Then wait for startup.

iPhone 8/X:

Step 1. Press the volume up button.

Step 2. Press the volume down button.

Step 3. Press and hold the “Power” button and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Tip 3. Check the Network Connection

iPhone iPad cannot download iOS 12 when the Wi-Fi network is poor. So make sure that your iPhone or iPad has a stable Wi-Fi network connection. If the Wi-Fi you used still remains to connect problem, we suggest you switch to another network and try to update your device. If still can’t work, you can have a try to reset your Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Tap on the Reset Network settings.

Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12 - Reset Network Settings

Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12 – Reset Network Settings

Tip 4. Make Sure the Storage on Your iPhone iPad Is Enough

In some cases, iOS 12 won’t install error may come up because of insufficient storage space on your iOS devices. It is no surprise that iPhones are prone to storage space issues due to lack of storage and the absence of external storage options. Thus, it is indeed necessary to check available storage on your iPhone iPad before upgrading to iOS 12. To get iOS update successfully, you should have at least 4GB free storage. You can check the storage by going to the “Settings” > “General” > “iPhone Storage”.

If there is not enough space left, you need to free up more space to get iOS 12 installed successfully.

Tip 5. Check If Apple Server Is Work Normally

There is no doubt that when something wrong with the Apple servers or just being overload can make you unable to check for the update of iOS 12. This could be the culprit when this error message occurs. When Apple releases a major update, people are rushing to update their iPhone iPad to iOS 12 that may cause Apple Server overload. In this case, it is not surprising that your iDevice would fail to check for update.

To check if the problem lies here, you need to contact Apple. Or, just wait and update your device some other day. Since if it’s really a server problem happens, Apple will handle it in the shortest time.

Tip 6. Make iPhone iPad well Charged

Ensure that your iPhone iPad is at least 50% charged, or just keep connecting your iOS device to the power source. Then your iPhone or iPad will not drain out during the update process.

Tip 7. Delete iOS 12 Beta Version

The problem of “iOS 12 Unable to check for update” may happen if the beta version is still on your iDevice. If so, you can go to Settings to remove it.

Step 1. Find and open Settings > Tap on General > Scroll down and tap on Profile.

Step 2. Tap iOS Beta Software Profile > Delete Profile.

Step 3. Reboot your device > Go to download iOS 12.

Tip 8. Update iOS 12 with iTunes

If your iPhone iPad can’t check for the update to iOS 12 over the air, you can try to update your device via iTunes instead. This is easy to do.

Step 1. Get the latest version of iTunes and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Plugin your iPhone or iPad via USB cable to the computer.

Step 3. Tap on the Device icon when it appears in iTunes and chooses the device.

Step 4. Click on Check for Update > Choose Download and Update > Select Agree to confirm.

Step 5. Enter your Passcode on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12 - Install iOS 12 via iTunes

Fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 12 – Install iOS 12 via iTunes

Tip 9. Update iDevice to iOS 12 Using a Tool

For users who don’t use iTunes, or who can’t use iTunes if there’s a problem, we would like to recommend you a reliable tool to update your iPhone iPad. You can try PhoneRescue iOS data recovery which is also a professional iOS repair tool to fix all most all the problems that might occur during or after updating to iOS 12. You can use it to update iDevice to iOS 12 without losing any other data. For how to make it, you can follow this page. After iOS repairing process completed, your device will auto update to the newest iOS 12, then you can explore the new features of iOS 12.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix iOS 12 unable to check for update on iPhone iPad and iPod touch. If you feel this post is helpful, you can share it to help more people. If you have better solutions or any problem, welcome to leave a comment.


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