How to Fix iOS 12/12.1 Unable to Verify Update

Looking for the solutions to fix “iOS 12/12.1 unable to verify update” issue? Then, you have come to the right page. Here, we have mentioned several solutions for iPhone users who are facing issue while updating to the new iOS 12.

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New iOS 12/12.1 update is now available for iPhone or iPad users with various new features to experience. However, many users like you are again facing the common error “iOS 12 unable to verify update” just like the other iOS versions. This issue seems to be impossible to fix. It is one of the most annoying error that iPhone users ever face with their device as even your iPhone is connected with Wi-Fi or cellular network; still, your iPhone tells that you are not connected. Thankfully, there are various solutions that iPhone users can try to fix iOS verify update problem.

6 Solutions for iOS 12/12.1 Unable to Verify Update

Solution 1: Shut Down Settings App

The first solution that you must try is to shut down the settings app and below is the simple steps how to do it to iOS fix verify update problem.

Step 1 Tap your iPhone “Home Button” twice. After that, swipe either right or left to find settings app and then, swipe up the app to remove it from view.

Note: For iPhone X and later, swipe up & pause from the “Home Screen”. Then, touch and hold the settings app and after that, either tap on the icon which is on the top-left of the app or you can swipe up the app to shut down it.

Step 2 Thereafter, open the “Settings”, then go to the “General” option. Finally, hit “Software Update” to update iOS 12 again.

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update – Shut Down Settings App

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update – Shut Down Settings App

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, network problem can cause to face error “iOS unable to verify update”. To fix it, you can reset your iPhone network settings. This might be able to resolve the problem. To begin the process, make sure that you have a good Wi-Fi network.

Step 1 On your iPhone, open the “Settings” and then, navigate to the “General” settings. After that, open the “Reset” option from the general.

Step 2 Finally, tap on the “Reset Network Settings” and confirm it to reset when pop up box will appear from the bottom.

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update - Reset Network Settings

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update – Reset Network Settings

Once it is completed, again connect your iPhone with Wi-Fi network. Now, you need to again enter the password for the Wi-Fi network.

Solution 3: Remove the Update and Reinstall

Still, not able to fix iOS 12 unable to verify update? Then, delete the update that you have already installed as it might be corrupted one which is causing to face this irritating issue. So, you can remove it and re-install the iOS 12 update again to resolve the issue.

For iPhone 8 or earlier:

Step 1 Go to the “Settings” menu and then, open the “General” settings. After that, go to the “Storage & iCloud Usage”.

Step 2 Thereafter, open the “Manage Storage” and then, find out the “Software Update”. Once able to find it, open it and then, tap on “Delete Update”. Finally, confirm it when the dialog box appears.

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update – Remove the Update

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update – Remove the Update

For iPhone X:

Step 1 Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone. After that, go to the “General” option and then, open the “iPhone Storage”.

Step 2 From the list, select the “Software Update” and delete it.

Once you removed the update, then try to download the update again on your iPhone from Settings > General > Software update.

Solution 4: Check Storage Space

Insufficient storage space on your iPhone can also create a problem “unable to verify update iOS 12”. To install the update, you need to have at least 4GB of storage space on your iDevice to complete the update process hassle-free. So, you can check storage space and delete the unnecessary data or apps from iPhone for installing the iOS 12 update seamlessly and successfully.

Solution 5: Update with iTunes

Another solution that you can try is to update your iOS 12 with iTunes. It might be able to update your iOS manfully on your iPhone without creating any problem.

Step 1 First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and then, launch the latest iTunes version on your computer.

Step 2 From iTunes interface, select your iDevice icon and then, check for update from the “Summary” tab. If it is available, then install the update.

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update - Update with iTunes

Fix iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update – Update with iTunes

Solution 6: Force Restart iPhone

If you are facing issue still after trying all the above solutions, then the last solution that you can try is to restart your iPhone forcibly. Restarting an iDevice can solve many software issues. It also helps you to come out from iOS 12 unable to verify update issue as it will refresh your iPhone memory and start your iPhone from scratch.

For iPhone 8 or earlier, or iPad, press and hold the Top (or Side) button until the slider appears. For iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR, you need to press and hold the Side button and either volume button until the slider appears on screen.

The Bottom Line

Thus, in this guide, we have mentioned every feasible solution to fix iOS 12/12.1 unable to verify update. No matter whether you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can try these solutions to resolve the error. Hopefully, you might be able to get the latest iOS 12/12.1 update on your iPhone or iPad.


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