How to Fix iPhone 7 "Cannot Restore Backup" from iCloud


Trying to restore iPhone 7 from iCloud backup, but it messaged that "Cannot Restore Backup"? Read this post to get some basic tips to fix it.

Oct. 28, 2016


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"Just got 7 Plus. Have tried iCloud backup 10 times and get Cannot Restore Backup every time." - an iPhone 7+ user James Parr reported this issue to Apple Support on Twitter after trying to restore his new bought iPhone 7 from iCloud backup.

After getting a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, many users reported that they cannot restore iPhone 7 from iCloud backup. If you also meet this problem that "iPhone 7 cannot restore backup", and can’t import data and settings from iCloud backup to your new iPhone 7, the below tips may be helpful to fix your iPhone 7 restore problems.

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How to Fix Cannot Restore iPhone 7 from iCloud Backup

Notice that you’d better backup your iPhone 7 to iTunes to avoid data loss in case of restoring failure.

Tip 1. Make sure the Wi-Fi works well on your iPhone 7.

Tip 2. Restart your iPhone 7 and try again. If your iPhone 7 get stuck on "Cannot Restore Backup" page, you can force restart your device by holding both of Power and Home buttons.

Tip 3. Update iPhone 7 software to iOS 10 small updates, such as recently released iOS 10.1. After updating to the newest iOS 10 update, just test to restore your iPhone again.

Tip 4. Use some alternatives way, such as some professional iPhone data recovery tools, to restore data from iCloud backup to your iPhone 7.

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