An iPhone Beginner’s Guide for Users Switched from Android

Just switched from Android OS to iPhone, and know nothing about iOS or iPhone? Here we prepare an all-around guide to help you get familiar to your new iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 as soon as possible.

Get Started with iPhone

Both of Android and iOS are the best mobile operating systems, and also have some similarities between them , but there are still have huge differences between them. For newbies to iPhone and iOS, it is necessary to know your iPhone from the beginning.

Know Your iPhone

To know your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is learning about the physical features of your device, and the accessories that included in your phone box. After reading this guide, you will learn the basics of using your iPhone.

Create Apple ID

Apple ID is the key to open Apple’s World. With it, you can download Apps, purchase music, movies or iBooks, and use iCloud service, backup or restore iDevice. If you haven’t it, you will be locked from all of them. Create Your Apple ID Now >

Enrich Your iPhone Like What You Did on Android Phone

Although you had transferred some important contents to your new iPhone from old Android phone with AnyTrans, compared to old Phone, it is still a “blank” phone. Here are some tips that teach you customize your iPhone, and make it become you desire.

  • Download Favorite Apps

  • Set Up iPhone’s Wallpaper

  • Change Your Ringtones

  • Add Favorite Songs to iPhone

  • Put Videos You Like on iPhone

  • Shop More Apps, Music, Films, etc

Normally, you can’t transfer apps and app data from Android phone to iPhone directly, the only way to get your Android Apps and data on iPhone is: downloading these Apps on your iPhone firstly, log in your App account, and then all the App data or game progress will be synced to your new iPhone. So download apps on your iPhone now.

Make Full Use of Your iPhone Apps

Since you are new to iPhone, and you are not as so familiar to iPhone as Android phone, so here we offer you some guides on the mostly used Apps and not mostly used but important apps as followed:

Mostly Used iPhone Apps

Not Mostly-Used But Important Apps


Add E-Books from PC/Mac Computer to iPhone >

iCloud Drive

Know Apple’s iCloud Service – iCloud Drive >

Pro Tips to Make Your iPhone Work Better

After reading the guides above, you have know how to use iPhone and its Apps, then we will offer 6 tips to keep your iPhone files safe or maintain your iPhone to make it work in best state.

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