How to Fix: iPhone Maps not Taking/Locating Error


Your iPhone maps not taking and can’t determine your location? Read on this guide to fix the iPhone Maps not locating/taking error with ease and restart up location on your iPhone.


Aug. 29, 2017

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Maps on our device plays an important role in daily life that we can’t leave without it for a moment, especially nowadays. But sometimes iPhone Maps may also go wrong just like other apps on device. And the most common one is iPhone Maps not taking. It may lead to a big trouble when you’re driving halfway, or traveling in a strange place. Worry not, as we have several workarounds for this issue. And in the following, we will share you the top 5 efficient solutions to help you out in minutes.

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How to Fix: iPhone Maps not Taking/Locating Error via 5 Methods

Solution 1. Check Location Permission

Since many users are likely to forget to enable location service for iPhone Maps, you should first check the Location Service is available to the app. Here’s how to check the location services: Go to Settings on your iPhone > Tap on Privacy > Tap on Location Services > Find Maps and tap it > Check the permission.

How to Fix:iPhone Maps not Taking Error – Solution 1

How to Fix:iPhone Maps not Taking Error – Solution 1

Solution 2. Check Cellular Data

Most apps on your iPhone require cellular networks or Wi-Fi connection to deliver the most accurate and latest data to you, the same does Maps app. So, make sure that cellular data is up and running on your iPhone. Then open iPhone Maps, it should be worked correctly now.

Solution 3. Reset Location & Network Settings

Resetting your network settings and location can be one of the best options to solve iPhone Maps not locating error, as it will remove all the device locations and network data stored as settings. In this way, your network information and location will be reset and start up as a brand new part. To reset all your locations and network settings:

Go to Settings on iPhone > General > Slide phone screen to the bottom and tap on Reset > Tap Reset Network Settings and enter your 6-digit passcode > Tap on Reset Location & Privacy, enter passcode.

How to Fix:iPhone Maps not Taking Error – Solution 3

How to Fix:iPhone Maps not Taking Error – Solution 3

Solution 4. Close & Reopen iPhone Maps

Sometimes, the app on device could come with some temporary bugs. In this case, you just need to close the app and wait for a seconds, then reopen it. Some users say that this solution works perfectly for occasional iPhone Maps not locating issue.

Solution 5. Restart iPhone

Another one-fit-all solution that worked for most users to fix iPhone Maps not taking error is to restart your iPhone.

1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the slider appears.

2. Swipe the slide to turn your device completely off.

3. Wait for 10 seconds, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until the screen turns back on and displays the Apple logo.

Above solutions are also capable of fixing below iPhone Maps Errors:

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How to Backup Files from iPhone to Computer – Screen Overview

How to Backup Files from iPhone to Computer – Screen Overview

The Bottom Line

Hope above 5 solutions can help you successfully fix the iPhone Maps not locating error. Lastly, don’t forget to backup your important data to computer so that you can easily get them back one day, and AnyTrans can be your best choice.

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