How to Fix Messages Disappeared from iPhone after Restart

Have no idea why your iPhone messages missing after restart? This post will show you how to fix iPhone messages disappear after restart, as well an easy way to retrieve missing messages even without any backup.

By Thea Lewis | Posted on: Nov. 20, 2018, Last Updated: Mar. 14, 2019
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Q: My text messages disappear after phone restarts by itself. This past Sunday, I noticed my iPhone just restarting by itself. When I put in my passcode and went to send a message, literally ALL of my messages disappeared. I was surprised because nothing was going on with the phone (i.e. backing up, downloading, etc.). The phone had been working a bit sluggish, but nothing like this.

Can anyone help me out with any solution to try to get back all my messages I’ve lost? There are important messages from friends and family members that I need to have back. Thank you in advance!

Just like the user above, sometimes your messages may disappear from iPhone after a simple restart. So far, there’s no official explanation for why this happens occasionally. Still, this issue indeed brings a lot of inconveniences especially when there are some important messages. Here in this guide, we share you 4 free ways to fix iPhone messages disappear after restart issue and a reliable & workable way to retrieve disappeared iPhone messages, even without backup.

Part 1: Solutions to Fix iPhone Messages Disappear after Restart

Solution 1: Reboot or Force Reboot Your iPhone

After you lost your iPhone messages, if your iPhone and the message app work well, you can skip this solution. If your iPhone doesn’t work properly, you can proceed a restart or force restart to put your iPhone back to normal. Actually, since the messages have been lost, you might as well force a reboot to see if it solves the problem.

Solution 2: Restart the Messages App

You know that restarting can fix lots of iPhone problems, so does one specific application. So, simply restart the messages app on your phone, you might get this issue fixed.

Solution 3: Check Storage Space on iPhone

If there is not enough space on your iPhone, this issue may more likely happen to you. So, it is necessary to check your iPhone storage by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. If your iPhone is out of storage, you can remove some useless and big files to release more space.

Solution 4: Reset All Settings on iPhone

In many cases, reset all settings on iPhone can fix this disappearing issue without effort. You can get it done by heading to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Don’t worry about data loss, it just reset all settings, no data or media will be deleted.

Part 2: Quick Way to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages [Even without Backup]

Apparently, when messages disappear from iPhone after the restart, you may not have a timely backup of all your iPhone content. So, restoring from backup to rescue lost messages is not working this time. Luckily there are some professional iOS data recovery software can help you recover lost messages from your iPhone directly, even without any backup. Among those best iPhone data recovery, choose the one that works best for you, here we recommend you an award-winning iPhone data recovery – PhoneRescue for iOS, then follow the steps below to get your messages back.

If you’re the lucky dog who just made a backup before losing your messages, you still can restore messages from iTunes or iCloud backup. The article tells the details about how to recover missing messages from backup, with or without restoring your iPhone.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

At first, download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your computer afterward connect your iPhone to the computer with its USB cable. Then select recover from iOS Device mode and click the arrow button to continue.

How to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages after Restart - Step 1

How to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages after Restart – Step 1

Step 2: Scanning the disappeared messages on your iPhone.

It will let you choose the type of data you want to recover. Uncheck Select All and only tick Messages. Click OK to start scanning the hidden missing messages on your iPhone.

How to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages after Restart - Step 2

How to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages after Restart – Step 2

Step 3: Preview and recover selected messages to your iPhone.

After scanning, all the missing and existing messages will be listed. Preview all the messages and messages attachments on your iPhone > Select the messages you want to recover > Click To iPhone or To Computer button to restore them. To iPhone button will help you recover messages directly back to iPhone’s Message App, and To Computer button will help you export disappeared messages to a PC/Mac computer.

How to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages after Restart - Step 3

How to Retrieve Missing iPhone Messages after Restart – Step 3

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix the issue of iPhone messages disappear after restart, as well how to quickly retrieve lost messages from iPhone without any backup. One more thing you need to pay attention to that is iOS data Recovery tool only works under the condition – missing messages not been overwritten by new data. Otherwise, no tool can help you get them back. So, act fast!

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