How to Delete Safari Cache on iPhone


This article tells you how to remove only Safari cache on your iPhone, no matter what iPhone you are using, an iPhone 6/6s/se or older iPhone 4s/5/5s.

July 27, 2016


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PhoneClean – Helps you Easily Remove Safari Cache and Cookies on iPhone

PhoneClean – Best iPhone Cleaning Tool

Download PhoneClean and follow this tutorial to easily find and delete Safari cache on iPhone to free up your iPhone space. Supports iOS 9/8/7/6/5.

Safari cache is different from Safari cookie and Safari history. Cached files are some files (script, images, video or audio) to make Safari reload your visited web pages quickly, but not some urls or recorded account info.

And if you want to clear only cached files from Safari on your iPhone, iOS cannot help you. Normally, iPhone users can delete all website data by going to Settings > Safari > Clear All History and Website Data, but have no choice to delete only cached files.

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Tool to Remove Only Safari Cache on iPhone/iPad

As top 1 cleaning tool for iOS devices in this world, PhoneClean enables you to clear only cached files instead of all website data from your iPhone Safari app, and also supports cleaning other app caches. It will carefully scan your iPhone data, easily find out your Safari cookies, histories and caches, and automatically group each file into its related category, with its size and other features. In this way, you can easily get cached files on Safari and choose any items to delete so that you can free up more space for your iPhone.

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How to Clear Specific Cache File on iPhone Safari App

Step 1. Download PhoneClean to your computer, install and run it

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. After PhoneClean recognizes it, choose "Internet Clean" and Click "Scan" button to scan your Safari data.

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 2

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 2

Step 3. Click "Review Details" under Safari Junks to preview all Safari cookies, histories and caches.

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 3

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 3

Step 4. Select "Safari Caches" to preview all caches items. Select only the items you want to clear, and then go back by clicking "Back".

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 4

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 4

Step 5. After checking how many items you are going to delete and making sure the numbers are correct, click “Clean” to remove selected items.

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 5

iPhone Safari Clear Cache Files – Step 5

The Bottom Line

Before deleting some important items, PhoneClean will backup data on your iPhone. So it would be safe to delete junk files with PhoneClean. Additionally, PhoneClean has more useful features than cleaning iPhone Safari cache, cookies and history. Download PhoneClean and Discover More >>

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