How to Use the Best iPhone to PC Transfer


How to use the best iPhone to PC transfer? The only thing you need is to download PhoneTrans Pro.


June 21, 2012


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PhoneTrans Pro - A Brilliant Way to Expand iPhone, iPad & iTunes Library

PhoneTrans Pro - Your Best-value iPhone Transfer

Get Started Now with PhoneTrans Pro, and enjoy its fantastic values before reading this How to Use iPhone to PC Transfer Free guide.

iTunes is the a music manager for populating iPhone content. It's fine to use iTunes to import music onto iPhone. But on the contrary, if you want to recreate music collection from iPhone, you have a chance to get mad. So this article aims to tell about how to use the iPhone to PC transfer software.

First of all, how to tell whether iPhone transfer software is right to use? The answer may go to simple: easy-to-use and solid design without frequently crashes. PhoneTrans Pro is one of the best choices that can import and export iPhone music and movies to/from computer.

Step by step Guide for iPhone to PC Transfer Software

1. Download PhoneTrans Pro. After nstallation process, you can check the main interface .

2. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, and then you can get an overview of PhoneTrans Pro, as the following picture shows:

iMobie PhoneTrans Pro Overview

iMobie PhoneTrans Pro Overview

3. Pick up the type of iOS data you want to transfer > Enter the manage page > Select the items you want to transfer or move > Click To Computer to get the selected items to Windows computer. (We take transferring music from iPhone to PC as an example).

iPhone Music to PC Transfer

iPhone Music to PC Transfer

Important Note: If you plan to find a best iPhone to PC transfer to move your iPhone contents to Windows computer for backup before updating to the new iOS, PhoneTrans is the best choice. Except transferring contents between iPhone and computer, PhoneTrans also features you the ability of powerful management so that you can keep your iPhone data and files organized.

The Bottom Line

Have a bunch of great movies but iTunes constantly refuses to sync to iPhone? PhoneTrans Pro is also built in with powerful trans-coding engine that will convert all incompatible media to iDevice friendly format. It even optimizes the video quality according to your device's capability. At the same time, PhoneTrans Pro also supports transfer many other iOS contents like Contacts, Messages, Photos, Notes, Calendar and other iOS data and flies. Why Not Download PhoneTrans Pro to Give It A Try >

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