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iPod 2 iPod is a smart program made to clone the songs between two iPods. Read on to discover more from this iPod 2 iPod review.


Mar 27, 2013


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AnyTrans - Advanced iPod 2 iPod Alternative for Managing iPod Music

AnyTrans - Your Best iPod 2 iPod Alternative

Take a tour of this awarded software so that you can make use of it after reading this iPod 2 iPod alternative article.

iPod 2 iPod Free

iPod 2 iPod allows you to transfer music between many iPods. It gives you the power to take control of your music collection. Similar with Pod to PC, iPod 2 iPod can sort songs by Artist, Genre, Album, or even group similar songs together, then move them onto another iPod.

iPod.about.com reviewed: IPod 2 iPod is far and away the slowest program that transfers music from iPod to computer. In my standard test--590 songs/2.41 GB--the program took 1 hour, 20 minutes to complete a transfer that lacked star ratings and playcounts to boot.

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More Features We Expected from iPod 2 iPod

Thanks for iPod 2 iPod, now we have explored a new method for managing our iPod music. But to achieve a faster and more pleasant iPod to iPod music cloning process, you can try AnyTrans.

We are keen on attempting the edge-cutting technologies that's the way you can feel from AnyTrans blazingly fast speed. The up-to-the-minute Lightning interface and USB 3.0 just allow you to experience up to 3X as fast. If you're used to sync two iPod touches over Wi-Fi, then AnyTrans will help to upgrade 2X speed by using Ultrafast wireless. Start Taking A Tour >

AnyTrans Overview - Powerful and All-in-one iPod Managers

AnyTrans Overview - Powerful and All-in-one iPod Managers

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