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For both new and seasoned iTunes guys, this Top 10 iTunes syncing tips article might be worth a minute of reading.


Apr 22, 2013


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Advanced - Create Playlist Folders

The Playlist folder is an rarely used feature in iTunes. As far as we know, many users manage a dozen of iPhones, iPods and iPads on a single iTunes. So usually they will create separated Playlists for every device (creating playlists is a better option than making new iTunes libraries).

This method will work perfectly for a neat and tide iTunes library, but for a huge and complex iTunes library, creating a new Playlist Folder could solve many problems:

iTunes Syncing Tip 6

Basic - Manage Multiple Devices on one computer

Again, as previously mentioned, it's a wildly concerned problem to manage multiple Apple mobile devices on one computer. For the audio/video content, you can put Music, Movies, TV Shows, iTunes U, Books and Podcasts into a playlist for a family member.

However, by far we never heard a guy who handle this without a hint of confusion. To get an answer, you need to find some iTunes Alternatives, which are freed from variety of limitations.

Without extra procedures, PhoneTrans can help you to import and export iPhone music without tedious iTunes sync. Besides, when adding music to iPhone from a new music library, you do not have to worry about original songs being erased.

Basic - Turn off Genius if you don't use it

iTunes Genius seems a genius playlist manager but we've never been the fans of it. The bigger problem with Genius is that it randomly sends data to Apple, slowing down iTunes and your computer in the process. Genius also creates playlists that sync with your iDevice. These playlists take time to update when you launch iTunes, and they also waste time syncing to your device.

iTunes Syncing Tip 7

Basic - Don't sync Photos

Syncing photos through iTunes, your iPhone, iPad or iPod also get filled up with iPod Photo Cache folders. If you are syncing with multiple devices, your iPod Cache may contain multiple optimizations of the same images.

This process can slow down iTunes and syncing, and the cache file can take up a ton of space on your computer. Disable photo syncing in iTunes with your device plugged in, and then track down the "iPod Photo Cache" in the "Pictures" folder on your computer and delete it.

Learn How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes

Basic - A bunch of useful iTunes Syncing Tips

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