How to Keep iTunes Metadata When Re-ripping Your CDs


I would like to rip the CDs again in higher quality, but how could I keep the iTunes metadata when I re-rip these CDs? Kirk McElhearn will show you a method without too much hassle.


July 08, 2013


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Q: I have a standard-quality MP3 album on my Mac that I've listened to for several years, added lyrics to, and so on. Now, because I discovered the Apple Lossless format and still have a CD of that album in my house, I would like to rip the CD again in higher quality (learn How to Rip CDs with iTunes 11). However, I don't want to lose any of the metadata, because I have smart playlists that rely on the songs' play count. Is it possible to do this without too much hassle?

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A favorable method is to launch iTunes, insert the CD into your disc drive, and then check to see that all the tags-Album, Artist, Album Artist, Name, Genre, Composer-are exactly the same as yours. When you rip the CD again in Apple Lossless format, iTunes will ask if you want to replace the existing tracks. When it does so, it will keep your other tags, such as album art and lyrics, and iTunes-specific metadata, such as Last Played Date, Plays, Rating, and so on.

Keep iTunes Metadata When Re-ripping Your CDs

The Bottom Line

To keep iTunes metadata when re-ripping your CDs is not a challenge task indeed. However, importing unsupported music into an iPod requires more skills. At this moment, you need a versatile iTunes Alternative solution to settle down this problem.

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