Top 4 Best Kik Backup Extractors Review

If you have a backup of your Kik messages and you would like to see the messages inside the backup, the following post lists some of the best Kik backup extractors for you to do the task. Read on to find out the best Kik viewers to use for your task.

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Kik Backup Extractor

Kik Backup Extractor

If you are a big-time user of the Kik messaging app, you may have likely accumulated thousands of messages on your device. Since most of the time these messages are important for you to keep, you may have likely created a backup of the messages on your device. A backup lets you restore your messages when you have deleted your messages or you have reinstalled the app on your device.

However, when it comes to restoring the messages, the backups can only be restored by the Kik app on your device. If you only wish to restore certain messages or you just wish to view your Kik messages without restoring them, there is no built-in way on your device for you to do it.

Fortunately, though, there are a few Kik messages extractors that can help you export your Kik messages and view them as plain text files on your computer. We have covered some of these best Kik backup extractors in the following post for you so you can get access to your messages without any restrictions.

What is the Best Kik Backup Extractor – Define Criterions

In order for an app to be considered the best Kik backup extractor, it should get through some of the criteria that define what a good app is. If an app passes these criteria, then it is included in the list of best apps to view Kik messages. The following are the criteria that we use to define:

Criteria 1. Rate of Success

For any app to be considered functional, it must have a high success rate meaning it should be able to extract Kik messages in most cases. If it cannot do it, it gets omitted from the list of the apps.

Criteria 2. Easy to Use

In addition to having a high success rate for extracting Kik messages backup, an app must be extremely easy to use and anyone without much computer knowledge should be able to use the app. If an app has a really complex interface and takes dozens of steps to do the task, it is not considered the best app for the task.

Criteria 3. Safety of Your Data

Instant messages including your Kik messages are some of the confidential information that you would not like to share with anyone. The app that claims to help you extract your backups should keep your data safe from any wrong hands. If it shares your data with anyone, it no longer remains on the best apps list.

#1. Best Kik Backup Extractor – PhoneRescue for iOS

If you are looking to recover more than just your Kik messages, PhoneRescue for iOS could be the best choice for you. In addition to helping you recover your data from multiple sources, the app allows you to easily extract your Kik messages even the ones that you have deleted on your device.

Best Kik Backup Extractor - PhoneRescue for iOS

Best Kik Backup Extractor – PhoneRescue for iOS

It uses intelligent algorithms to find where your messages are located and help you view and restore them on your devices. The following are some of the features the app offers to its users:


  • Extract Kik backups located at multiple locations.
  • Preview your messages before you extract them to your device.
  • Select the ones you wish to keep and discard the others.
  • Easy to operate and takes less than a minute to extract all the messages.


  • It is a paid app and needs to be purchased to use the features.
  • Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to extract your Kik messages.

#2. Best Kik Backup Extractor – iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back offers you the option to recover your deleted as well as the regular Kik messages from various of your devices. The app is compatible with most iOS versions and iPhone models available out there and lets you easily view messages in your Kik backups on your device.

Best Kik Backup Extractor - iMyFone D-Back

Best Kik Backup Extractor – iMyFone D-Back


  • Extract your messages with a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Access multimedia content inside your messages.
  • Support for iOS 12.


  • The app does not have full support for old iPhone models.
  • It sometimes only shows a few messages from your Kik backups.

#3. Best Kik Backup Extractor – Wondershare Dr. Fone

Wondershare products are known for their ability to recover data in many cases and their dr. fone – Recover app helps you to uncompress and view messages from your Kik backups. It provides users with an easy way to manage their backups and view their contents on their computers.

Kik Backup Extractor - Dr. fone

Kik Backup Extractor – Dr. fone

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using this app:


  • It helps to extract Kik backups in many scenarios.
  • Restore messages even when they are deleted from your device.


  • It often takes ages to extract your Kik backups.
  • There are cases where it has often failed to extract any messages.

#4. Best Kik Backup Extractor – Enigma Recovery

Like many other apps in the list, Enigma Recovery also offers the option to let you access and view your deleted Kik messages on your devices. It acts as a Kik extractor as well and allows you to view the messages sitting in the Kik backups on your iPhone.

Best Kik Backup Extractor - Enigma Recovery

Best Kik Backup Extractor – Enigma Recovery

Here are the features the Enigma Recovery app provides to its users:


  • Easily extract any of your messages from your Kik backups.
  • Support for the latest iOS versions and iPhone models.


  • The app often crashes and interrupts the Kik extraction process.

The Bottom Line

Since the Kik backups cannot be extracted without you first installing the Kik app on your device, the above Kik backup extractors will help you access and view your Kik messages without the installation of the app on your device. We hope the post helps you choose an app to help you gain access to your Kik messages.

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