macOS Mojave Doesn’t Support iTunes 12.6, Can I Downgrade iTunes to Get App Store?

Now macOS Mojave doesn’t support iTunes 12.6.3, iTunes 12.6.4 and 12.6.5. And your iOS apps will not be listed on your Mac iTunes once you updated. So is there a way to downgrade iTunes to get the iTunes App manage and App Store feature in Mojave? Read this post to know more.

By Tom Boyer | Posted on: Sep. 28, 2018, Last Updated: Jul. 01, 2019
App Store in iTunes 12.6.3

App Store in iTunes 12.6.3

The 5th major release of macOS – Mojave was released to public on Sep 24th, 2018. And you may have updated you MacBook to this new macOS to enjoy the new features. But you may also found the iTunes 12.6.3 or 12.6.4/12.6.5 was disappeared from your device after the updating, and Mojave installed a new version of iTunes 12.9 instead.

We all know that the new iTunes versions including iTunes 12.7, 12.8 and 12.9 doesn’t support managing apps across your iOS devices on Mac. So you may want to downgrade the new versions of iTunes to previous version. But can you downgrade to the iTunes 12.6.3 or previous version of iTunes to get the App Store feature on a device that is running macOS Mojave ?

Can I Downgrade iTunes to 12.6.3, iTunes 12.6.4 or iTunes 12.6.5 on macOS Mojave?

We’ve tried to download and install the previous iTunes 12.6 installers on our MacBook in macOS Mojave. Except iTunes 12.6.5, the process of downloading is pretty easy, and we successfully got these iTunes dmg installers as you can see on below.

How to Downgrade iTunes to 12.6 in macOS Mojave

How to Downgrade iTunes to 12.6 in macOS Mojave

Firstly, we tried installing the previous iTunes directly to replace the 12.9 version, but it failed and popped up an error, “A newer version of iTunes is already installed”. So we followed some tutorial to uninstall the iTunes 12.9, and then install the previous iTunes 12.6 on our MacBook, but finally it also failed, and we got an error message saying “This software is not supported on your system”.

Can't Install iTunes 12.6.3 in macOS Mojave

Can’t Install iTunes 12.6.3 in macOS Mojave

Yeah, the Mojave seems completely rejected the iTunes 12.6.3, 12.6.4 and 12.6.5 according to our test. So is there any way to manage iOS apps in Mojave just like iTunes 12.6?

How to Manage Apps for iPhone iPad in macOS Mojave?

Actually, here we just released a new version of AnyTrans for iOS, which can be an iTunes alternative to help you easily manage iOS apps, and download/install apps to your iPhone in macOS Mojave for free, just like the iTunes 12.6.3 ever did with its App Store and App manager feature in previous Mac OS.

Manage iPhone iPad Apps with AnyTrans in macOS Mojave

Manage iPhone iPad Apps with AnyTrans in macOS Mojave

As one of best iPhone manager, AnyTrans also enables you to do other things that iTunes can’t, such as downloading iPhone music to Mac iTunes and making custom ringtones for your iPhone. Learn More >>

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