3 Methods to Fix: Not Receiving Text Messages on Samsung?

Many people faced the issue that they are not receiving text messages on Android. Usually, the Samsung phone users are one of these people who experience this kind of situation. So, in this article, we will provide you with some help to fix the issue.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 13, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 28, 2018
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Samsung is one of the leading smartphone companies in the world but that does not make it susceptible to the issues that commonly occur in the smartphone. Many problems have been reported mentioning “not receiving text messages on Samsung”. This problem could be caused by many reasons such as misconfiguration of the settings, some hardware issues, storage problem, or some other problems. But you don’t have to worry much more about this issue, there are always ways to fix it. In the article, we are going to provide you with some effective fixes to address this messaging error.

3 Methods to Fix “Not Receiving Text Messages on Samsung” Issue

Method 1. Verify Your Phone Signal

The signal of your phone will show up in the status bar of your phone. If the signal of your Samsung is weak, then you can not receive text messages. To deal with this problem, you can restart your phone and see if the signal improves. The main reason for the signal problem might be your location. To instantly fix the signal problem, you can also switch your phone to airplane mode and then switch off the mode.

Method 2. Reach the Text Message Limit

Every single phone has a text message limit which is default depending on the storage capacity of the phone. When the storage gets full, the phone will show error as not receiving text messages on Android. But the limit can also be extended manually. To increase the text message limit of your phone, follow the steps as:

1. From Home screen, click on the Apps icon and find the Messages app.

2. Open the Menu and open settings from the Options.

3. Now delete the old messages and then tap on the Text Message limit and increase the limit and click on Ok.

Reach the Text Message Limit-Step 3

Reach the Text Message Limit-Step 3

You must also remember to delete the old and extra messages to make up some space in your Messages app so that you can receive and send text messages.

Method 3. Hard Reset the Phone

If the problem still exists, then you can conduct a hard reset to your phone to fix the problem. Hard reset is quite different from the factory reset as it only resets the apps and settings of the device, not the data files. To perform the hard reset on your Smartphone, follow the steps below:

1. Turn the device off, then press and hold the 3 buttons together, i.e. volume up key, power key and the Home key.

2. Your phone will vibrate and then release the Power key and keep pressing the volume up key and home key. Soon after the Android System Recovery screen appears you can release both of the keys.

3. Press the volume key to move the cursor up and down, find the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset option and press the power button to select the option.

Hard Reset of the Phone-Step 3

Hard Reset of the Phone-Step 3

4. Now, press the Volume down key to select the yes option when the device asks for permission to “Delete all user data”.

Hard Reset of the Phone-Step 4

Hard Reset of the Phone-Step 4

5. When finishing the reset, you will see an option which says “Reboot System Now”. Again press the power key to reboot your device and the problem will be fixed.

Hard Reset of the Phone-Step 5

Hard Reset of the Phone-Step 5

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned methods are very efficient to fix the “not receiving text messages on Samsung” issue. There are other methods also available which users can try to resolve the issue like checking up their Message Center number, mobile network issue, or app update requirement. Any of the reason that is leading to the problem can be fixed by simply carrying out a few simple steps. If the next time your phone shows an error like this, then you know what you have to do.


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