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How much do you know about the App pricing in the App Store? Read this article to know more about quick guide to App pricing in the App Store.


Jun 03, 2014


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Regardless of whether you use the App Store app from your device or visit from iTunes software on your primary computer, there're four different types of apps in the App Store: Free apps, Paid apps, In-App purchase and Subscription-Based apps. Let's make a specific introduction one by one.

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Free Apps

A free app has a Free icon instead of a Price icon displayed in its App Store listing or description. There're some free apps types.

Free Apps cost nothing to download and install on your iPhone or tablet. However, in some cases, certain features or functions of the app are locked in the free version, but are later made available if you upgrade to paid or premium version of the app.

What's more, a third category of free apps comprises fully functional apps that display ads as part of their content. A fourth category of free apps serves as a shell for paid content that must be loaded into the app to make it fully functional. The final type of free apps enables users to make in-app purchases to add features or functions to the app or unlock paid content.


- Many free apps that contain ads also have a paid app counterpart that's ad-free.

- And some fully functional apps are free because they're designed to promote a specific company or work with a specific service. Just like the AmEx for iPad app is useful only to people with an American Express Card.

Paid Apps

After you purchase an app, you own it and you can use it as often as you'd like, usually without incurring additional fees. Typically, future upgrades of the app are free of charge. (You May Like: Why I Can't Transfer App & Game Data)

In-App Purchase

What is In-App Purchase? This type of app might be free or might be a paid app. When using the app, you can purchase additional content or add new features and functions by making in-app purchases.

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Subscription-Based Apps

Subscription-based apps are typically free and then you pay a recurring subscription fee for content, which automatically gets downloaded into the app. Like some digital editions of newspapers, such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, use a subscription app model, as do thousands of different magazines.

How to Evaluate an App in the App Store

Generally speaking, there're some free of very inexpensive apps are extremely useful and packed with features for your iPhone or iPad. However, there're also costly apps that are poorly designed, filled with bugs or don't live up to expectations or to the description of the app offered by the app's developer.

Therefore, when you're evaluating an app, the price is not the only determining factor. What you should pay attention is, to read the app's customer reviews carefully and the star-based rating the app has received. As users reviews and ratings are a much better determining factor of the app's quality and usefulness than the price.

The Bottom Line

After evaluating an app, you purchase and download it on your device. But what happened this time? You've downloaded too many apps so that you can't download any more. At this time, you need to clean up some apps. Or do you want to get more free space on your iPhone or iPad or want to speed up your iPhone or iPad? Why not clear app caches on your iPhone or iPad?

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