How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without iTunes or iCloud Backup


If you don’t have any backup at iTunes or iCloud, and want to recover lost notes on iPhone urgently, you can read this guide to get a safe and fast method.

Jun. 29, 2017


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PhoneRescue – Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without Backup

PhoneRescue – #1 iPhone Notes Recovery Tool

If you have no backup and looking for methods of recovering lost iPhone notes, read this guide and download this iOS data recovery to help you out.

For iPhone users, many built-in apps provided by Apple bring a lot of convenience for their work and lives. Such as Maps, Notes, Calendars and so on. Notes, as one of the most popular apps, play an important role in iPhone user’s life. It is such an useful tool for users to record scattered but important information like special schedule, web links, sketch ideas, shopping list or a memorandum and so on. 

Sometimes, when cleaning unwanted data on your iPhone, you may lose some vital notes by mistakenly delete or due to some update reasons, if you have made a backup for your iPhone notes before, you can restore your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud backup. What if you have no backup available? What can you do? Will you lose these notes forever? The answer is NOT. There is a remedy, using reliable iOS data recovery software - PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery, which can let you to recover lost notes on iPhone except through backup.

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Before talking about how to recover lost notes on iPhone with PhoneRescue, let’s know more about the tool you need.

Why Should You Choose PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is a professional iOS & Android data recovery tool. PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery aims to help iPhone users recover deleted or lost data on iPhone with ease, it capable of some incomparable features like:

1. Enables you to recover data on iPhone directly without any backup. That means if you haven’t made any backup for your iPhone before, PhoneRescue - iOS data recovery helps you get lost data back in an easy and safe way.

2. Supports recovering 20+ types of iOS data, including Pictures, Contacts, Messages, Notes, Reminders, Call History, etc. In other words, no matter whatever you want to retrieve, it can make it for you.

3. Allows you to preview the lost data in thumbnails before recovering, thus you can selectively recover the notes you need instead of all the notes.

4. Besides, you can recover notes to your iPhone directly, and also to CSV, TEXT, or HTML format on your computer.

How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without Backup

Now, download PhoneRescue (choose Download for iOS) to recover your lost iPhone notes quickly.

Step 1. Launch PhoneRescue on your computer and connect your iPhone.

Step 2. Select Recover from iOS Device and click right-arrow button to scan your iPhone.

How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without Backup - Step 2

How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without Backup - Step 2

Note: There are 3 iPhone data recovery modes, if you have backups, you can also use other 2 kinds of recovery modes.

Step 3. Click Notes, select Only list deleted and preview each note in detail. You can see there is a deleted to do list note, select it and click on To Device button.

How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without Backup - Step 3

How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone without Backup - Step 3

Note: You can also choose to recover selected lost notes to computer by clicking To computer button.

Step 4. After recovering process, you can open the Notes app on your iPhone, and you’ll see the recovered note already back to your iPhone’s Notes App.

Recover Lost Notes on iPhone Successfully

Recover Lost Notes on iPhone Successfully


1. This method works for your iPhone is available, and the deleted iPhone notes are not overwritten, or nobody can help you get them back.

2. No matter what models of iPhone you are working with, PhoneRescue - iOS data recovery is compatible with it.

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The Bottom Line

As we mentioned before, besides recovering lost iPhone notes, PhoneRescue - iOS data recovery also does great in recovering other kinds of deleted iOS data and files. And makes it possible to let you to recover lost data without backup. Why not have a try on PhoneRescue, if you have any question when recovering lost iPhone notes with PhoneRescue, be free to contact our Support Team by sending an Email, and we will replay to you as soon.

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