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Read this Senuti review page, you will have a thorough understanding of what Senuti is and get one Senuti alternative tool to rip iPhone/iPod music on Windows and Mac computer.


Aug. 14, 2017


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AnyTrans – Best Senuti Alternative Tool to Manage iPhone iPad iPod Content

AnyTrans – Best Senuti Alternative

AnyTrans, a professional iOS data transfer, could help you transfer music from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/Mac computer and vice versa. Download it to have a try after reading this Senuti review page.

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Since the release on April 19, 2006, Senuti has won many admirations for those who always desire a manager for media library. If you have no idea what Senuti is, please keep reading.

What Senuti Is - A Nice Media Library Manager

Senuti is an excellent media library manager and it could help you transfer iPhone/iPod music, movies and podcasts to computer. (Learn: How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to Computer) Through Senuti, you can also choose to add transferred items to iTunes and save them in a separated folder.

Senuti supports Mac OS X 10.5 or later, however, Senuti doesn't support PC and until now, no version of Sunuti for Windows is released. (There is one Senuti alternative tool that supports PC, go to Senuti Alternative Tool part to know more).

Senuti for Mac Download

You can click here to download Senuti for Mac.

Senuti Review

Senuti could easily help users to rip iPhone/iPod media library to computer, add those items to iTunes or a separated folder. So if you lost music on Mac, Senuti is helpful to recover them from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.


1. Simple

Senuti is a simple application for you to recover music from iPhone/iPad/iPod with only a few clicks.

2. Supports More than Music

Besides songs, videos, playlists, podcasts are all on the list for Senuti to transfer.

3. No Data Loss

While transferring data from iPhone/iPad/iPod, Senuti would not erase any data on your iOS device.


1. Not being able to transfer other data like photos, contacts

It is important to backup data on media library on iPhone/iPod to computer or iTunes, but when being compared to contacts or photos, media library seems dispensable.

2. Not being able to transfer data between iOS devices

Apple releases new iPhone each year and the replacement of iOS devices is so common. As we all know, two of the most commonly used tools to transfer data from old iOS device to new iOS device are iCloud/iTunes. Yet both of them are hard to operate. Unluckily, Senuti for Mac couldn't help with this.

Except for functions, there are also many issues reported while using Senuti, for example, Senuti for Mac crashes every time when selecting Advanced Preferences tab. It is not a problem for casual users, however, this could be a big headache for frequent users. Therefore, to better help you manage iOS data, here we recommend you an alternative to Senuti - AnyTrans.

Top Alternative for Senuti

Developed by iMobie team, AnyTrans is a full-way & all-in-one content manager. It is said to be the best alternative for Senuti ever. Following are the reasons.

1. AnyTrans supports PC. That's to say, with AnyTrans, you can even manage your iOS data on PC computers.

2. AnyTrans could help you manage contacts, photos, notes and so on, that provides you a absolute control of all your iOS data.

3. AnyTrans also supports transferring data from computer to iOS devices. If you lost data on your iOS devices, it can also be helpful to transfer data from your computer to iOS devices.

4. AnyTrans can also help you transfer data between iOS devices. Take a tour with AnyTrans now >

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Comparison Table of Senuti

  Senuti AnyTrans
Free Version Pro Version Free Version Pro Version
Operation System Mac OS X 10.5 or later Windows & Mac (All Versions)
Transfer items Music, Podcast, Movies Music, Podcast, Movies, Contacts and other 30+ types of data
Transfer Data from iPad N N Y Y
Transfer Data to iTunes N N Y Y
Transfer Data to PC N N Y Y
Transfer Data to Mac Y Y Y Y
Transfer Data Between iOS Devices N N Y Y
Sync One Device to Unlimited iTunes Library N N N Y
Transfer Speed 191 Songs/Minute 280 Songs/Minute
Price $18.99 7 day free trial $39.99
Available Get It Now
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