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Sept. 05, 2016


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Senuti is an easy-to-use and powerful application exclusively for Mac OS X. Senuti was released on April 19, 2006 for copying songs from an iPod to a Macintosh computer, and originally it was free iPod transfer software until marketed by FadingRed, a privately owned Mac software company.

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What is Senuti Made for

Apart from the backwards spelled name of iTunes, it's also an interesting story that why we can use this great iPod Ripper for Mac OS X. When searching for a way to transfer music from iPod onto a computer, the Senuti's developer realized that there is no such a solution. So he leveraged the developers in the open source community to help him write the code. But soon after, Senuti is no more free available and now sold by FadingRed.

Disadvantages of Senuti

We cannot really complain Senuti because anyway it saved tons of our iPod music, but here is a list of disadvantages of Senuti, which may help you choose the best iPod transfer and manager program for a different purpose:

  • The biggest problem is there is Senuti not for Windows.
  • YOU NEED TO BUY Senuti license at $18.99 each! This is another Senuti Achilles' heel - Senuti Free is gone.
  • Somehow, Senuti wasn't as intuitive as users would have liked. We are not all that computer literate and there were some anxious moments as to what to do next or what comes next (songs were not backed up except for what was on the iPod).
  • The default preferences are less than ideal. Unless you change them you can end up with a ton of songs on your desktop and multiple copies of the same tracks.

Other Aspects We Expect Senuti to Improve

1. For the new iOS 5, there is no WiFi file transfer option.

2. Lack of icons or labels makes identifying files at a glance tough.

3. Method of showing what songs are in iTunes or not is initially unclear.

4. Online help is very basic.

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