How to Set up Reminders and To-do Items with Siri on iPhone?


Siri will automatically recognize the contents for setting up reminders and to-do items once using it to say something. The article below will guide you how to use Siri to create reminders and to-do items.


Sept 05, 2016


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Reminder has been used to warn people that something needs to be done during a period of time. If an iOS user has a bad memory, Reminders app on iPhone can help users present what needs to be finished in specific time.

For commercial users, it will cost too much time to keep reminders carefully. The common way of taking notes is to jot down reminders on scrap pieces of paper or sticky notes, or record to-do items manually into Reminders app. Having tried keeping notes as the usual way, are you trying to find an efficient method? The Sari-related feature would be the exact outstanding one that most users are worthy to use.

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Set up Reminders and To-do Items with Siri

Reminders app is the iPhone built-in utility. To utilize this app for creating a reminder, along with an alarm, just activate Siri and say something like "Remind me to read book tomorrow." Once talking to Siri, it will automatically create to-do item and display it on iPhone screen for approval. After checking it, please save it to Reminders app. Once the time and day nearby, the reminder message will be presented to the screen along with an alarm ringing.

set up reminder with siri

set up reminder with siri

Apart from creating rough message, can Siri provide a specific date and time while creating a Reminder, like Friday at 1 pm? Absolutely! Since iPhone can handle location-based alerts, the Siri message can also include a location that Siri recognizes, such as "Home" or "Work." For example, it's ok to say, "Remind me to call Judy at 9 pm when I get home."

There are plenty of apps compatible with Siri from App Store, such as Things. Among those apps, some of them provide powerful features superior than Reminders app.

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