How to Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers


Want to sync iPhone with multiple computers? In this guide, we offer you a safe way to sync iPhone with more than one computer.


Nov. 30, 2016


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AnyTrans – Allows You to Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers

AnyTrans – Amazing iPhone Syncing Tool

It can help you backup iPhone on different computer without effort. Download it now and follow this guide to make it.

Apple makes it difficult to sync iPhone to more than one computer (iTunes library) for it won't allow you to transfer copyrighted material between computers. This means you can only sync your iPhone to one computer, and every time you attempt to sync with a different computer a dialog will pop up and warn you the iPhone is synced with another iTunes library.

Sync iPhone with Two Computers

Sync iPhone with Two Computers

What if you want to sync your friend's iPhone to your iTunes library, or want to backup iPhone on another computer? In this article, we will give you a simple & safe solution to help you sync iPhone with multiple computers with no data loss.

Introduction to the Tool We Need

AnyTrans, is designed to sync files among iOS devices, iTunes and computers, so it allows you to sync iPhone to multiple computers and iTunes libraries with ease. What's better, it never erases any existing data on your iPhone during the syncing process. With AnyTrans, you can sync songs, videos, apps, audiobooks, playlists and more from iPhone to multiple computer or iTunes libraries, and vice versa.

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How to Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers with AnyTrans

You need to have AnyTrans installed on the computer you want to sync the iPhone with, and then plug in with any iPhone (your iPhone or your friend's iPhone) to sync data between the computer and iPhone.

Step 1. Donwload AnyTrans and install it on your Mac/PC computers. Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB. Wait for AnyTrans to load the data in iPhone and iTunes library.

Step 2. Sync iPhone data to iTunes: Click Content to iTunes button > Select the files you need > Click Start Transfer.

Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers with AnyTrans – Step 2

Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers with AnyTrans – Step 2

Step 3. Sync data from iTunes to iPhone: Go to the iTunes Library page > Select the files you need (music, ringtones, movies, apps, etc.) > Click the To Device button.

Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers with AnyTrans – Step 3

Sync iPhone with Multiple Computers with AnyTrans – Step 3

To sync your iPhone with multiple computers, you just need to install AnyTrans on the computer you need. When sync your iPhone with another computer or iTunes library, no data will be wiped, please feel released to sync the iPhone with multiple computers via AnyTrans.

The Bottom Line

AnyTrans can help you sync iPhone to multiple Mac/PC computers or backup iPhone to a different computer without effort. It also allows you to sync data between two iDevices, which helps you easily transfer content to your new iPhone. With AnyTrans, it would be much easier to manage your iPhone content, why not have a try now?

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