How to Sync Music from iPhone to iTunes

Can you sync music from iPhone to iTunes? You can read this article below on how to export music from iPhone to iTunes to learn about how to sync music from iPhone to iTunes library on Mac in simple ways.

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You may have music on your iPhone that was imported from CDs or from other sources that you want to sync to iTunes library on your computer as a backup, or you lose your iTunes library, or your computer crashed and you get a new computer. iOS Devices are engineered by Apple to sync with just one instance of iTunes on one computer at a time. Music is designed to sync one-way, from iTunes to iPhone. iTunes can’t help you replace all music from your iTunes library with your iPhone music. Then, how to sync music from iPhone to iTunes?

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AnyTrans allows syncing all music from iPhone in a fast way, even for music that is not purchased from iTunes to iTunes library, with playlists, ratings, artworks, play-counts and all media files. All these can’t be done by iTunes. In addition, AnyTrans also can assist you to sync iPhone ringtones, voice memos, movies, videos, photos, contacts, messages, notes, call history, calendar and more to iTunes, to computer or to other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download it for a trial >

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How to Sync Music from iPhone to iTunes Library

AnyTrans will handle it and sync music from iPhone to iTunes in simple 4 steps. Please follow this guide on how to sync iPhone music to iTunes below.

Step 1. Install AnyTrans and launch it on your computer > Connect your iPhone to computer.

Choose Content to iTunes

Choose Content to iTunes

Step 2. Tap Songs, Podcasts or Ringtones to get data transferred from iPhone to iTunes library.

Select Categories to Transfer to iTunes

Select Categories to Transfer to iTunes

After syncing iPhone music to iTunes library, want to delete songs from your iPhone to free up more space on your iPhone or keep your iPhone fresh so that you always have the best music available? You can’t miss this post, how to delete songs from iPhone.

The Bottom Line

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