Top 5 Causes of Data Loss


What are the most common causes of data loss? Read this post to know more about data loss and keep your data safe.


Sept. 18, 2016


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As known to all, if we delete some data by mistake, we can get it back with some methods. However, not all the data can be recovered, and the process of recovering is very complicated. If you are not computer master, you have to use some professional data recovery software or call a data recovery specialist to make it.

Therefore, we spend hours preparing this post of Top 5 Causes of Data Loss so that you can take measures to avoid losing data caused by these reasons.

1. Hardware or System Malfunctions

According to a survey of data loss's causes, more than two-fifth of users lose data because of hardware or system malfunctions. It is the most common cause of data loss. Absolutely, the hardware or system malfunctions can be shown in many forms, such as, electrical failure, head crash, controller failure, etc.

To avoid hardware or system malfunctions, we offer you several tips as followed:

- Handle with your device properly and keep it work in safe, dry and dust-free areas. And choose a low-traffic location for it.

- Using an uninterrupted power supply to reduce the risk of data loss because of power failure.

2. Human Errors

Believe or not, human error is also one of the most common causes of data loss. Normally, there are two kinds of human errors causing data loss, one is clicking Delete or Format button to erase something we don't mean to, and another one is causing physical damages because of dropping or failing our storage device by accident.


- Choose a low-traffic location for your storage device.

- Be cautions in deleting any file or formatting any storage device.

Top 5 Causes of Data Loss

Top 5 Causes of Data Loss

3. Software Corruption

Almost all of us have experienced that the software we are using shuts down suddenly without reasons  when we are making an important document or editing a picture. Such scenarios are called Software Corruption, which is cause by using some diagnostic tools or taking too much memory, etc.

Prevent Measures:

- Have a good working habit – save your documents frequently during the process of editing.

- Use diagnostic utilities with caution.

4. Computer Viruses and Malware

You know that computer viruses can slow down your computer and steal credit card information. In fact, computer viruses or other malware also can spread like wild fire causing partial or complete damage to your important data.

Therefore, it is essential that you should install a good antivirus software and keep it updated.

5. Natural Disasters

Contrary to the causes of data loss listed above, natural disasters are the most uncontrollable cause. Such as, fires, floods, earthquakes, even brownouts, all of them are out of our control. Fortunately, according to the survey, only 3 percent of users lost data because of natural disasters.

Therefore, it is more important for you to minimize the risk of data loss caused by the reasons listed above, especially the human errors. But we still provide you several tips to avoid the data loss as a result of natural disasters bellow:

- Store important but not sensitive data with cloud storage service, such as, Google drive, iCloud, etc.

- Install a UPS.

- Backup important data frequently and store them in another storage device.

With the popularity of smart phone, people tend to store more and more important data on mobile phone. Although we begin with data recovery on computer or other external storage devices when writing this post, the most common causes of data loss can be also applied to mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, etc.

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