How to Transfer My App Info to a New iPod touch


I upgraded my iPod touch 4G to the 5G, and I want to continue my app games on the new device. So I'm wondering how can I transfer my app info to my new iPod touch? Read on this tutorial to find an answer.


Sept. 12, 2016


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Q: I have a 4th generation iPod touch, I'm getting the 5th one soon. Is there any way that I can transfer apps so that all of the progress for games will still be there?

Someone may suggeste that taking your iPod > go into iCloud > back up with iCloud. Then, when you get your new iPod, set it up from icloud when it asks. You should have the option to set up as an iCloud backup. Look for that option, and choose the backup you just did on your old iPod (Also you can backup your iPod to the computer through iTunes).

However, for the most cases, neither iCloud nor iTunes can save your app info. Even the Game Center used to lose your game progress due to the carelessness of the developer. Under such circumstances, you'll need a professional iOS App Transfer program like AppTrans.

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How to Transfer App Info to a New iPod touch

Step 1: Open AppTrans and connect your devices to the computer. You'll find there is no secret in using this software.

Step 2: Choose Transfer entire App program and data option.

How to Transfer App Progress between iPhone iPod

Step 3: Choose app in left list window and click "Transfer Select App to Right". After the transfer is done, you are empowered to play the game on any of your devices with the same level. Even your three-star games will be saved. It's also a way to create a solid backup for the game.

How to Transfer App Progress between iPhone iPod
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