How to Transfer iMessage Chats from an Old Mac to New Mac Easily


How to transfer iMessage history from one Mac to another? In this guide, we are going to show you how to transfer iMessage chats to new Mac.


Sept. 23, 2016


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AnyTrans – Transfer Messages from iPhone to Mac

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Take a tour with the free trial of AnyTrans to transfer your iPhone messages to PC/Mac. Now read on this guide to know how to transfer iMessage chats from old Mac to the new one.

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Question: "Just bought a new laptop and was manually transferring files. I wanted to know if you guys have any way of bringing the iMessage content from my old MacBook Pro to my new one, so that when I open iMessage on my new laptop, all my old convo's will be there. I have accessed the hidden iMessage folder on my old computer and tried transferring that, but it didn't really work."

-- A User from Apple Support Communities

Not to mention the fact that most users are quite satisfied with the iMessages facility when Apple first launched it on Mac computers. And iMessage has become one of the most used apps on Mac. While you upgrade to a new Mac, you may have come across the problem of losing old message chats. Here, we are going to show you how to transfer messages from your old Mac to the new one.

How to Transfer iMessage History to New Mac

Step 1. Open the Messages app on Mac, click on Messages > Preferences from the menu bar > Make sure "Save history when conversations are closed" option is checked under General tab.

Step 2. Go to Finder, and click on Go option from the menu bar.

Step 3. Select Go to Folder and type in ~/Library/Messages.

Step 4. You will see Archive and Attachments folders under the Messages folder.

How to Transfer iMessage History to New Mac

How to Transfer iMessage History to New Mac

Step 5. Now you can zip the Message folder and email it to yourself, or you can copy it to a flash drive.

Step 6. On your new Mac, make sure that the Messages app is closed, and download the Messages folder from email or copy it to your new Mac from the flash drive. Next, replace the existing Messages folder in ~/Library on the new Mac.

Step 7. Restart your new Mac.

Bounce Tip: Transfer Text Messages/iMessages from iPhone to PC/Mac

SMS text messages as well as iMessages conversations on your iPhone are vital content for us. To save the messages from iPhone to PC or Mac as backup is a good way to protect the data. AnyTrans is an iOS file manager that makes it easy to transfer SMS text messages, iMessages as well as message attachments from iPhone to computer in html/txt/pdf format.

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Step 1. Download AnyTrans and get it installed on your PC or Mac. Run it and connect your iPhone to computer. Click on Messages option.

Transfer iPhone Messages to PC/Mac as Backup with AnyTrans

Transfer iPhone Messages to PC/Mac as Backup with AnyTrans

Step 2. Select the message chats you want to transfer to PC or Mac, and click the To PC/Mac button to start transferring. The messages will be stored in a folder on your computer.

Transfer iPhone Messages to PC/Mac as Backup with AnyTrans

Transfer iPhone Messages to PC/Mac as Backup with AnyTrans

The Bottom Line

For iPhone, iPad, iPod users, if you want to transfer kinds of files like photos, videos, music, contacts, notes, books, and more to PC/Mac, AnyTrans will be the best option to go. Now download the free trial to have a try.

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